How to Add QuickBooks Firewall Ports Manually

Finishing the work in a clear way and without any error is everyone’s desire, especially dealing with firewalls and the underneath information energizes you in the comparable. Window firewall blocks a few projects which are helpful for us yet according to the firewall, it is harmful. Configuring the set up of window firewalls and QuickBooks may not be that much easy for beginners particularly with regards to a technical setup or some other set up which isn’t normal. In today’s article, we will talk about how to add QuickBooks Firewall ports manually this is something for which you have to know some technical information. Yet, the below data causes you to set up the firewall ports manually with the easy advanced steps. For more inquiries, you can contact the QuickBooks group.”

quickbooks firewall ports

What is the Firewall in QuickBooks?

In simple terminology, it is an application which protects your system from virus or any malware attacks. Sometimes firewalls also block some certain QuickBooks hence it is always advisable to update it to the latest version QuickBooks.

Run QuickBooks files Doctor to open the firewall ports automatically, it also helps you to configure Windows firewall.

Steps for Add QuickBooks Firewall Ports Manually

Total Time: 35 minutes

Configure Windows Firewall Ports Automatically on QuickBooks

First, you need to add exceptions to the QuickBooks 2018, 2017, 2016 firewall ports, to do the same follow below steps:

πŸ’  Go to start menu>>firewall
πŸ’  Select Windows Firewall and select Advanced settings
πŸ’  Go to Inbound rules, click it and select New rule
πŸ’  Click on port and click on next
πŸ’  Now search the TCP option and mention the particular ports required for the QuickBooks version
πŸ’  Click on Next

πŸ”Ά QuickBooks Desktop 2018 – 8019, 56728, 55378 -55382
πŸ”Ά QuickBooks Desktop 2019 – 8019, XXXXX(XXXXX these are the assigned port number located in QuickBooks Database server manager)
πŸ”Ά QuickBooks Desktop 2017 – 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
πŸ”Ά QuickBooks 2016 – 8019, 56726, 55368 – 55372

Steps for Resolve the QuickBooks Connectivity Issues

If you face the QuickBooks connectivity issues then try to make the exceptions in QuickBooks and simply follow the below steps:

πŸ’  Click on the Start button and search firewall
πŸ’  Go to Windows firewall
πŸ’  Select Advanced settings
πŸ’  Now right-click on inbound rules
πŸ’  Select the new rule
πŸ’  Select Program and now click on Next
πŸ’  Select the This program path and click on Browse
πŸ’  Go to the file location and click on next
πŸ’  Now select Allow the connection >>click on next
πŸ’  Make sure that all profiles are marked and clicked Next
πŸ’  Now assign a unique name and click on Finish
πŸ’  Now repeat the steps for Outbound rules

If still not able to perform opening the file on a network. You can try to add the directories to your 3rd party virus program.

Quickbooks POS Firewall – Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

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