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Sage 100 2019 Unable to Connect to Server

Sage 2019 unable to connect to server

“Sage 100 2019 unable to connect to server [Servername]. The server cannot be found” error message pops up on Windows screen. It happens when Sage software is not able to link with the server due to lots of reasons. The reasons are like incorrect modification of Windows Security. Since incorrectly modifying Windows Security can have

Sage 50 2019 or Higher INI File location?

Sage 50 ini file location

The INI file is the configuration file that is used in the Windows operating system for the programs or applications to initialize their settings. There are sections for the preferences and settings. Each section has one or more name and value parameters.You can edit it with a plain text editor if required. But it needs

QuickBooks File Extensions and QuickBooks File Types with Differences

QuickBooks File Extensions and QuickBooks File Types

QuickBooks is well-known accounting software that is used by business owners and accountants all over the world in order to manage their small to mid-sized organizations. You may use QuickBooks to handle your invoices, pay bills, measure cash flow, and collaborate with your accounting team. When using QuickBooks, you may come across a number of

What is QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

“If you are looking for how to uninstall and clean install your QuickBooks Desktop to fix the glitches?” Then here is the process of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool that helps you to uninstall and then clean install your software. Mostly everywhere you get the normal uninstall and then reinstall QuickBooks solutions that won’t help. But

QuickBooks Database Server Manager – Install, Update & Setup

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

With the introduction of QuickBooks to the market, the way accounting is done has changed dramatically. This new era program has quickly become popular accounting software due to its extensive features that aid in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, sales, and inventory. Among many amazing features and tools offered by Intuit, QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) is

How to Unmatch a Transaction in QuickBooks Online?

Unmatch a Transaction in QuickBooks Online

With amazing features of QuickBooks online makes it simple for users to keep track of their business activity. One of QuickBooks’ most well-known features is the ability to instantly download the bank transactions. Additionally, users can connect their bank accounts and credit card accounts to QB. With this, they can immediately download mismatched or unmatch

How to Make a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online?

journal entry in QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online, users have flexibility to record and view the financial transaction. These accounting transactions can get entered into accounting software. Many times, it happens when QuickBooks users enter accounting transactions improperly or incorrectly into an accounting system. In that case, they are required to make adjustments to the original transaction even after it

How to Fix Sage Error 43?

Sage Error 43

Sage Error 43 pops up with an error message stating Fatal File System Error 43 in (File) while any Remote Data Access (Previously Sage Drive) point is being opened. It may also read as File System Error 43 in JRNLHDR.DAT when any Remote Data Access point is being opened or as File System Error 43

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Server Not Responding?

QuickBooks update server not responding

When getting program or payroll updates, you may receive the error: QuickBooks update server not responding. It also comes sometimes in the form of QB Payroll error code 15215. However, it is triggered by a clash with another background application. It’s possible that the application uses a lot of bandwidth, preventing QuickBooks desktop payroll from