Correct Cache Amount for QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is useful accounting software for keeping track of payroll, inventory, and customer information, among other things. When you install QuickBooks, it comes with cache memory, which is used by the database manager. However, the correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise can occasionally be wrong or non-default. As a result, your computer is slow. The settings are sometimes changed as a result of which the value drops or fails to match the recommended cache amount. In this scenario, the correct cache amount in QuickBooks is frequently inaccurate, resulting in a slow PC. To explore more about how to correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise, continue reading this article till the end.

When does QuickBooks Enterprise Get Incorrect Caches?

The cache amount may get incorrect while performing the following action:

  • When upgrading to the most recent version of Microsoft Windows.
  • During the process of upgrading QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version.
  • Also in the event that the server needs to be restarted.
  • When you attempt to shift to the newest Windows version.

Check if QuickBooks Enterprise has been updated to the most recent version before correcting the cache amount.

There are two Ways to Update your QuickBooks desktop if it isn’t up to Date:

  • Automatic Update
  • Manual Update.

Different Methods to Correct Cache Amount for QuickBooks Enterprise:

Method 1: Alter the Cache Settings for Server Only Install

Implement the below steps for Server Only install:

Step 1: Verify the Current Cache Setting by Signing-in to Windows

💠 Initially, select the open command to allow multiple users to access a QuickBooks desktop file
💠 Next, enter HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\QuickBooksDB25\Parameter
💠 You will receive a message QB_SERVER_NAME-qs-gd ALL –gk all –GP 4096 –gu all –ch 256 -c 128M…
💠 Make a note of the number after -ch and -c
💠 The message must be appropriately spelled, and the system should allow multiple users to access QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2: Move to the Registry and Change the Settings

💠 Save all the modifications and then sign out from QuickBooks Desktop
💠 Stop the accounting software database service and put in net stop QuickBooks DB25
With this, DB connection stop and then unsaved work will not be accessible
💠 Do the correction of Windows registry
💠 KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\QuickBooks is the key location
💠 The value may be like –n QB_SERVER_NAME –qs –gd all –gp 4096 –gu all –ch 256M –c 128M
💠 Change –c 128M to –c 256M and –ch 256M to –ch 512M and save the changes
💠 Open the command prompt and then type in net start QuickBooks DB25
💠 Finally, restart QuickBooks and then verify whether the error has been resolved.

Method 2: Use QBW.ini file to get Correct Memory Cache Amount

💠 Turn on the system having QBW.ini file
💠 Next, look for C:\ProgramData\Intuit and then select DBSERVER OPTIONS with correct values
💠 There are two options which are having:
💠 Initial Cache: It can be used till the first file is opened. Keeping it at 0 or none will have no effect on your computer’s performance.
💠 Max Cache: It enables you to boost the speed of your computer. To interact with the company file setting via Maximum memory status, use QuickBooks Database Server Manager. 
💠 At last, save the QBW.ini file and turn it off then turn on the file.

If you Simply have a Server Installation, you can Follow the Procedures Below:

💠 Net stop QuickBooksDBXX from the CMD, type.
💠 Net stop QBCFMonitorService and then start QBCFMonitorService from CMD, type.

How to Clear Cache in QuickBooks Enterprise:

QuickBooks makes use of browser cache and cookies to make online operations go faster. Cache and cookies are rarely used in instances where they cause minor issues. We’ll look into any cache-related issues you might be having.

💠 QuickBooks keeps asking you to sign in, even after you’ve already done it multiple times.
💠 You may not be able to see the form, or the browser may be taking an unusually long time to download it.

Clear Intuit Related Cookies from the Different Browser:

The browser’s cache sometimes saves the computer’s files in order to provide a faster response to visitors on their next visit. It can also become clogged with old files, causing minor difficulties. It’s usually a good idea to clean cache on a regular basis.

For Google Chrome:

➤ In the beginning, open the Google Chrome browser and then go to the menu tab
➤ Next, go to the Settings tab and then Advanced
➤ Under the privacy and security tab, look for the site setting
➤ Click Cookies >>> site data >>> cookies and site cookies
➤ To find the Intuit cookies, type Intuit and select the “Remove” option
➤ Finally, restart the browser in order for the modifications to take effect, you must wait for a certain amount of time.

For Mozilla Firefox:

➤ Go to the Open menu if you’re Mozilla Firefox user
➤ Next, select the Preferences and then find the Privacy Security
➤ Now, under the cookies and site data option, click “Manage data”
➤ Enter in “Intuit” and choose the tab “enter to view Intuit cookies”
➤ Select the “Remove all” option and then click “Save changes”
➤ Finally, reboot your browser.

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QuickBooks accounting software uses browser cache and cookies to run online faster. There are occasions when the cache and cookies cause some problems. Incorrect cookies amount is one such issue that you can easily correct it with the help discussed methods. Hope, it will successfully resolve the correct cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we clear cookies for Microsoft Edge?

Ans: No, Microsoft Edge doesn’t let you delete or remove the site-specific cookies.

Q2. How to clear Intuit specific cookies from Safari browser?

Ans: ➤ Initially, launch safari and then choose safari which is next to apple icon
➤ Select the Preferences and then go to the Privacy
➤ Next, choose the “Manage website data” option
➤ In the search box, type “Intuit” and then look for the Intuit cookies
➤ Select the “Remove all” and then hit “Remove now”
➤ After completing the above step, you have to select the “Done” option
➤ Finally, restart the browser for the modifications to take effect.

Q3. What should the Correct Cache Amount for QuickBooks Enterprise?

Ans: Intuit recommended the following changes from -ch 256M change to -ch 512M. For limited, it is required to delete -ch 256M and -ch 512M. The value or amount should look like “-n QB_SERVER_NAME-qs -gd ALL -gk all -gp 4096 -gu all”.



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