Crack QuickBooks Admin Password

Passwords are the primary things when we talk about taking an important step towards security. It is very essential for many businesses if they’re dealing with data. Nowadays, it becomes difficult to remember complicated passwords of financial bookkeeping software like QuickBooks and in that case, users need to crack QuickBooks Admin Password. QuickBooks allows its users to generate an admin password in order to secure their financial related information. They can generate a desired admin password during QuickBooks installation. Using these passwords, users can easily log in their QuickBooks application and manage business accordingly.

However, there might also be possible that due to several other reasons users need to crack their admin password. If you’re also facing the same difficulty or need to crack your QuickBooks admin password then you’re on the right page and continue reading this guide till the end.   

Various Conditions Involved Behind Cracking QuickBooks Admin Password

As discussed above, there are multiple reasons or situations when we need to perform QuickBooks password cracking because QuickBooks password crack can only help us to reset our password once again. It also helps to reduce the chance of affecting cybercrime. Jotted down are few situations when we need to do the same:

  • May forgot the security questions
  • Users might lose or forget their admin password
  • Forgot username as well as password and also security questions and license number. 

How to Crack QuickBooks Admin Password in Different Situations

Let’s check out solutions for different conditions that users face and needs to crack QuickBooks admin password:

Condition 1: If the Admin Itself Forget their Password

In case, if you’re also an admin and forgot your username and password then you can try to answer your security question that you set up while creating an administrator password. Once you give the correct answer then all the password protection will be removed. It means that every username and password is removed and your file is reset like you never out usernames and passwords at all. And you can continue using the file before you set any password. Let’s see how it can be done in steps:

💠 First, click Company file and then click forgot admin password
💠 Next, it prompts you to enter your username and password as soon as it opens
💠 Here, you have to click forgot password
💠 Immediately, you need to answer the asked security questions
💠 After that, click Ok and it will display a message that consists of password and challenge answer to Questions that have been removed
💠 And your company is no longer protected by password
💠 Once you close the window then immediately you’ll be asked to generate a new password and select a question to answer
💠 Now, click the Close button in order to reset a new password
💠 And it will open the QuickBooks password change window
💠 Here you have to type the username and new password and in the 2nd textbox, you’ll be asked to confirm your new password
💠 After that, pick the challenge question and answer and then click Ok
💠 In the end, a congratulation message pops up for a successful password change, and automatically your all users will secure it. 

Condition 2: If the User Forgets the Password

If you’re a simple QuickBooks user, not an Admin and you forgot user ID and password. In that case, you’ll receive a message on your screen to contact your administrator when you log in to your QuickBooks account. Though, QuickBooks password can only be cracked by admin so you need to contact your admin and ask for authority to change your user’s ID and password.

Condition 3: If Admin Forgot Security Question

Admin doesn’t have to worry if they forgot password or security questions because a password can also be rest using QuickBooks user license and registration information. But you need to wait till the QuickBooks Company emails you instructions on how you can get back in. Here’s you can see what can happen if that to be done:

💠 Initially, open your company file by double-clicking on the same
💠 As usual, it prompts you to enter your username and password
💠 When you click forgot password then you’ll be asked to answer the security question that you have set during the setup of the admin password
💠 If you forgot the security answer as well then click “I forgot my answer”
💠 Once you’re done then you enter license number that was issued by QuickBooks during the time of purchase
💠 Except that, you need to specify all information followed by Ok
💠 After that, you’ll receive an Email from QuickBooks that’s called a token
💠 Once you enter the same into your system then it lets you crack QuickBooks Admin Password.

Final Thoughts

The above-discussed are all the conditions that users may face regarding how to crack QuickBooks admin password. It might take time to crack down your password so it is advised to write down your complicated password in your personal diary and that saves your time. Also, it helps you to prevent from becoming a victim of cybercrime. Moreover, if you need more information or solutions regarding the same, you can directly connect with QuickBooks technical support team by dialing a Toll-Free number . Alternatively, you can drop an email or do a QuickBooks live chat available all round the clock.


Q1. Are any QuickBooks Password Crack apps available to crack my QB password? If yes, then what are they?

Ans: Yes, there are multiple password cracking applications available and using that you easily crack your QuickBooks password. Some of the applications are:
●       Passware
●       QBW Password, etc

Q2. Can I crack my QuickBooks admin password using QB Password Reset Tool?

Ans: Yes, you can crack your QB admin password with the help of QB Password Reset Tool. Here’s how:
●       To make use of QuickBooks Password Recovery Tool, you need to first download the QB password recovery software
●       Next, select your last QB version that is used to open the company file
●       Now, fill out all the information related to your business like license number, primary mailing address, authorized username, phone number, etc.
●       Also agree with the license terms and conditions agreement
●       In case, the information provided by your don’t match then it won’t allow you to login into your Intuit account
●       To confirm that your information is correct, you can check from the Intuit Customer Account Management Portal (CAMP)
●       After that, you have to select Save
●       Once done then open your Automated Password Reset Tool
●       And then Tool prompts you to enter token number that you’ve received via registered Email
●       Using the drop-down menu, select the QB version that you are currently using
●       And then choose company file for which you wish to reset your password
●       At last, enter your new password and then pick the Reset password option.



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