How to Resolve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Sending an email is one of the easiest ways to communicate with someone. What if there are some issues with the email section in QuickBooks? It stops all your work, although QuickBooks is one of the widely used software and popular among all the small and medium-sized businesses with its high-quality qualities. The below article covers the information on how to resolve the email issues in QuickBooks. For QuickBooks instant help, you can visit

Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Reasons of Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Creating issues can be the main reason behind the email issues in QuickBooks. Some of the main reasons are below mentioned:

  • .dll files have been damaged
  • email settings are not correct
  • QuickBooks runs as administrator
  • Incorrect or damaged QuickBooks Installation
  • Outlook opens in the background while sending email through QuickBooks

All the above causes create a result as “Error- QuickBooks is not able to process email to Outlook

Steps for Solve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

When email issues come it is very important to solve the problems quickly else it may lead to a big error. Below are some common troubleshooting steps which help you to get out of this error.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1 – You Need to Make Sure that the QuickBooks is not Running as Administrator

💠 After doing right-clicking on the icon select Properties
💠 Close the compatibility tab
💠 If the option runs this program as an administrator is selected then you need to unselect it. I run this program as an administrator is grey then first choose the “show settings for all users
💠 Click Ok
💠 Restart the QuickBooks which will resolve the issues

Solution 2 – Make Sure that the Email Preference has been Correctly Set in QuickBooks

If you are using the Microsoft outlook with Microsoft Exchange server, then open outlook and sign in the same before preferences set

💠 Select Edit>>Preferences>>Send forms
💠 Click “my preferences” tab and set “Send email using” and the option which you want to use, click on OK
💠 If you find the preferences to be set properly follow below steps:
💠 Choose edit>>preferences >>send forms
💠 Select the tab of My preferences, select QuickBooks email and click ok
💠 Now click on Edit>>Preferences
💠 Select Outlook>>Click ok
💠 Now close the QuickBooks and another program
💠 Restart the Windows and QuickBooks
💠 Email the report now

Solution 3 – Make Sure to Set the Email Preferences is Set Correctly in Internet Explorer

💠 Close the QuickBooks and open the Internet explorer
💠 select tools >>Internet options
💠 Click on Programs tab
💠 No need to check whether correct email program has been set as default email program it means when you send the email through outlook, the outlook should be select and vice versa for outlook express
💠 Close internet explorer
💠 Open the QuickBooks and email the report

Solution 4 – Test and Repair MAPI32.dll

The steps involved in this part needs to be done by an IT professional, if you need any help you can visit

Use Microsoft word to test the functionally of MAPI32.dll

💠 Restart the computer and open the QuickBooks
💠 Open a document in Microsoft word
💠 select File>>send>>email as PDF
💠 If no errors come to contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk
💠 If errors come to contact Microsoft Help and support to get the solution or to resolve them with outlook or Office suite and the MAPI settings
💠 After resolving the issues email the report

Repair MAPI32.dll in QuickBooks

💠 First close all the Windows >>Click on Windows start
💠 Go to Computers and go to C:\Windows\System32
💠 Now double click “Fixmapi.exe file” and do as the instructions coming on the screen
💠 Once Fixmapi.exe stop running, restart the computer

Rename MAPI32.dll in QuickBooks

💠 This step only needs to be done if repairing through repairing of MAPI32.dll doesn’t resolve the issue
Close all your programs
💠 Use file explorer and go to C:\Program Files(X86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033
💠 Now rename the MAPI32.dll to MAPI.dll.OLD
💠 Restart the computer and run Fixmapi.exe again
💠 After stopping Fixmapi.exe you need to restart the computer

Solution 5 – Reinstall QuickBooks

If the above steps don’t help you then you need to uninstall the QuickBooks and again reinstall it on the computer


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