QuickBooks Error 15242 When Attempting to Update Payroll

QuickBooks Error 15242 occurs when attempting to upgrade your payroll or QuickBooks account. This error message shown on your monitor screen indicates that you cannot properly configure and receive payroll notifications on your computer. For all its versions of QuickBooks and payroll, Intuit periodically releases updates to include the new tools and functionality.

Following QuickBooks Error 15242 Messages when you Try to Payroll Update:

  • QuickBooks Error 15242: A payroll update was not successfully completed. QuickBooks FCS is damaged or fails to respond.
  • QuickBooks Error 15242: The update has not been successfully completed. QuickBooks FCS is damaged or fails to respond.
  • The main problem is that QuickBooks FCS, which is the File Copy Service, does not respond correctly. The proper operation of the QuickBooks and payroll system could be blocked by this issue. It is therefore important to correct this mistake, as it can terminate the workflow that will have a complete effect on the company.

Steps for fix QuickBooks Error 15242

Check out all the possible solutions to get rid of QuickBooks Error 15242 when attempting to Update Payroll:

Total Time: 3 minutes

Solution 1: Validate your Payroll Subscription

⏩ In the beginning, launch your QuickBooks >> My Payroll Service >> Account/Billing Information
⏩ It will open the Payroll Account Maintenance page of QuickBooks on your computer.
⏩ Your payroll subscription is spontaneously re-validated by QuickBooks. If you close the tab for QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance.
⏩ Try reviewing QuickBooks or payroll again when the validation process is done.

Solution 2: Execute a Clean Installation of QuickBooks in Selective Startup

Often, third-party programs that are Anti-virus and Anti-Malware prevent QuickBooks Desktop from being installed. You might need to install QuickBooks Desktop on a selective startup, as this mode allows you to start windows with only selected items running on your computer.

⏩ Initially, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run command
⏩ Next, type MSConfig and then hit Ok
⏩ Now, move to the General tab then click Selective startup and then Load system services
⏩ Navigate to the Services tab, and then pick Hide all Microsoft Services
⏩ Pick Disable All of it
⏩ Uncheck the Hide checkbox for all Microsoft Services
⏩ Find a list of services and make sure that a checkbox for Windows Installer is selected. Select OK if it’s not picked
⏩ Select Restart from the Device Settings window
⏩ Once your device is started, install, uninstall, or reinstall QuickBooks Desktop with a clean install

Solution 3: Download the Latest Version of Payroll Updates

Solution 4: Check out if this error is occurring on one desktop or if it occurring on all the systems. Try to upgrade the other device if necessary.

Solution 5: To Restart your System to a Normal Confirmation

⏩ Press Windows + R to open the Run command simultaneously on the keyboard
⏩ Type MSConfig, and then select OK
⏩ From the General tab, pick Usual Startup, then press OK
⏩ Select Restart on the Machine Configuration window.

How to get in touch with QuickBooks Expertise

The above-mentioned solutions lead to the resolution to Fix QuickBooks Error 15242 When Attempting to Update Payroll. These are some of the steps that are recommended by Intuit to resolve these update errors. However, if the error is still around then you can get in touch with QuickBooks technical support Toll-free number . Alternatively, drop an email at this email address support@accountingguide.co or do a live chat with QuickBooks experts.



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