QuickBooks Error OL-334

QuickBooks Error OL-334 is a common banking setup and connection error may occur due to poor internet connection. In case, your bank or financial institution might have rolled-out for some improvements to their administrative offerings such as Web Connect or Direct Connect, then the same error code might appears on your screen. However, fixing this issue in QuickBooks on your own may quite be difficult. That’s why we have come with this blog to provide you the most relevant troubleshooting for how to fix QuickBooks Error OL-334.

Possible Causes that Trigger this QuickBooks Error OL-334

It is pretty possible that there can be more than one reason behind the occurrence of this error. To troubleshoot such banking errors, it is important to know, due to what reason the error occurs. A few of them listed down:

  • The user may want to check with their bank to see if any changes may have been carried out.
  • The user can have an inactive bank account in QuickBooks approved for online banking.
  • There might be a problem with the user’s bank servers or with the internet service provider.
  • There could be a problem with at least one of the documents in the organizational record.
  • There might be a problem with arranging the import or download.
  • The cause of the error may also be a reason when there is a discontinued adaptation of Windows or QuickBooks Desktop.

Pre-Requisites that Need to Consider Before Proceeding Further Steps

  • Re-check whether there is an active connective to the Internet. If you are already connected then check the firewall and internet security settings to proceed further.
  • Confirm that you’re using QuickBooks and Internet Explorer as supported versions.
  • Ensure that the new release of the QuickBooks Desktop application is updated.
  • To check the account data, contact the bank and the bank is not experiencing any outages at that moment.

Troubleshoot Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error OL-334

Here are numerous possible solutions mentioned below to easily annihilate this problem. So let’s take a look at the points noted and follow the same as discussed below in the given sequence.

Method 1: Enable the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol if Available

Make sure that you’re using the latest Internet Explorer version so that you can follow these steps to enable TLS 1.2:

1. First, open your Internet Explorer 11 and then confirm that the latest version must be installed
2. Next, go to the Gear icon on the upper right section of the Internet Explorer
3. Now, look for the Internet options and then go to the Advanced tab
4. Scroll down within the Security section
5. After that, unmark the option USE TLS 1.0 and mark the option USE TLS 1.2
6. Once done with that then click Apply and then Ok button
7. Finally, close the programs and then restart your system.

Method 2: Run the account Set up with the Ctrl Key Suppressed

1. In the beginning, the user would need to create a backup of the company file of QuickBooks
2. In the QuickBooks file, look for the Inactive account which still has the Lightning Bolt
3. And then the user needs to deactivate the account for the online services
4. The user now has to rerun the Bank Feeds setup and any time a command is clicked, the Ctrl key has to be pressed which can be held throughout the entire process.

Method 3: Create a New Account and then Merge the Accounts

1. Initially, make a right-click on the account which is creating a problem
2. And then select the Edit Account
3. Next, highlight the account name and then hit the Copy option
4. Add the Asterisk (*) at the end of the account name
5. Now, go to the Bank Feed Settings and hit the option “Deactivate All Online Services”
6. After that click on the Save & Close option
7. Go to the Chart of Accounts in order to create a new account
8. Once you’re done then close and try to open the company file again
9. Now, click Chart of Accounts and select the Edit Account option
10. After that, remove the asterisk and make a right-click on the account to select
11. And then click Save & Close
12. Click Yes if prompted and then set up an account for the Bank Feeds
13. Finally, you can try to download the transactions to the newly merged account.

Get QuickBooks technical help for more queries

After following all the above steps you’ll no longer face QuickBooks Error OL-334 but in case it still exists then it is suggested you reach out to the QuickBooks technical support team by giving a call on the helpline number . You can also drop an email at or use the QuickBooks Live Chat option to chat with QuickBooks experts. However, there is also an alternative way is to contact the bank to get the issue sorted for once and all.



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