QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Cards

QuickBooks is considered to be the best accounting program ever. However, users observe many times that many different errors continue to occur in this program in a timely manner and one of them is QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Cards error. However, there are multiple ways and today we are going give you a complete explanation in order to correct this issue.

Factors Involved in QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Cards Issue

There are multiple factors due to which may help you to determine the actual reasons behind this issue. These are:

  • Intuit Credit Card processing: The problem of freezing has been faced by Intuit CC processing since the arrival of v13. It could be due to the system of terminals and other points of sale. Because of this issue, during the use of Credit Card, users can face the hindrance.
  • Administrator Rights: In order to process the transaction via credit cards, users must have administrator privileges. Since most users do not have such authority and that’s why they are unable to use it.

Effects Due to the Non-Processing of a Credit Card

When using QuickBooks Point of Sale credit cards, there are several consequences that users can face. One of the most prominent consequences may be that during incomplete transactions which may or may not be redeemed, they may lose their money. It will mainly depend on the worst case where it is the error of the consumer. During these transactions, they may also waste their time.

Why QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Cards?

Credit card declined error is mainly caused due to two main reasons- credit card error and credit card reader error. Before solving QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Card, you must know the main reasons for QuickBooks POS not reading credit card. If you want to know more reasons, you can check it out here:

Credit Card Errors:

  • The credit card was used exclusively to make a foreign purchase.
  • The hazardous acquisition has been recognized.
  • The credit card has reached its limit.
  • Void account number entry.
  • The credit card was not automatically approved by the bank.
  • The expiring date of the credit card is received.
  • The information in the record does not conform to the statement given.
  • The credit card was deactivated by a different person.

Credit Card Reader Errors:

  • In QuickBooks, the credit card reader is unable to organize.
  • The newest edition of the credit card reader is not an upgraded version.
  • The accounting program QuickBooks has not been upgraded to the latest edition.
  • The credit card reader was installed on the QB desktop incorrectly.

Different Methods to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Cards

There are multiple methods available to fix this QuickBooks POS error. A few of them are described below:

Method 1: Fix Credit-Card Related Issues

In the very first step, you need to have an Intuit Merchant service credit card enabled.

It is really important to make sure that the credit card is correctly placed in the reader when processing a transaction. You can easily call the Live QuickBooks POS Support Team for any misunderstanding.

When entering a complete address, you must enter the street number. It does not contain any special characters or multiple numbers.

To check the sufficient balance on the card to make the purchase, have your customer contact their issuing bank.

If the consumer has a foreign credit card, you must refer to the global card for this workaround.

Method 2: Fix Credit-Card Reader Issues

Ensure that the credit card reader is permanently linked to the gadget

You need to get the current version of your QuickBooks updated and always keep it properly up-to-date. You can take QuickBooks help from qualified QuickBooks experts for any doubt

Just by uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks, an accounting tool, you must refresh your QuickBooks

Furthermore, you need to keep your credit card reader updated and updated. If you have a chip in the credit card reader and you can not swipe properly on the QuickBooks Desktop. After that, you have to type the credit card details manually in the correct way

In the case of QuickBooks, an old credit card reader may not be found. You need to purchase a new, completely compatible credit card reader with the newest edition of QuickBooks, an accounting tool.

Finally, with no issues, you can overcome QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Read Credit Card and perform the QuickBooks for your credit card related tasks.

To wind-up!

By performing the above-described fixes, hope you’re able to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale unable to read Credit Cards issue without any difficulty. All the above methods are extremely helpful so you can fix this error simply with ease. But in case, if you still need help or looking for QuickBooks technical support team assistance then feel free to make a call at this QuickBooks technical support number . You can also approach team via email support@accountingguide.co or QuickBooks live chat support which is available all round the clock.



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