QuickBooks POS Error 1330: Invalid Digital Signature

QuickBooks users encounter POS error 1330 message on their computer screen then it indicates that they have an incorrect or invalid signature details to login into the account. The error takes location when they try and reinstall Point of Sale (POS) version 7 on Windows XP. in other words, it is also considered as one of the unrecoverable errors and it is required to get it resolved as soon as possible so that accounting work doesn’t get hampered. With this help of the article, you can get to know all the possible solutions for how to fix QuickBooks POS error 1330 and get an error resolved at ease.

Reasons that Lead to QuickBooks POS Error 1330

Before start troubleshooting, it is important to figure out the possible reasons that could cause this POS error. A few of them are jotted down:

  • QuickBooks installation source might get damaged or corrupt
  • Incorrect time and date configure in your PC
  • Due to the interruption of the Antivirus program while installing the program
  • It can also happen when the company file gets damaged or corrupted
  • Firewall blocks you from installing the application
  • Incorrect or faulty QuickBooks installation would also be a possible cause of such errors.

2 Troubleshooting Ways to Get Rid of QuickBooks POS Error 1330 

Here are the trustworthy and effective guidelines that help you to eliminate this QuickBooks POS error. But before moving to these ways; you need to create a backup of the data as well as file/folder. Once you created then you can start with these below-provided steps:

Total Time: 6 minutes

1st Way – Update your QuickBooks POS

🔷 Initially, login to your system as an Admin
🔷 Check out if any POS update is available
🔷 If there is any then download the POS update on your system
🔷 Next, close all the background running applications
🔷 And then go to your “Task Manager” and then select the “Processes” tab
🔷 Close all the .exe files that are on the running process
🔷 Along with that, close the Point of Sale Services that are active on your system like QuickBooks POS Database Manager vXX
🔷 Afterward, look for the .msc files
🔷 Now, choose the “Services Window” and look for the QuickBooks POS Database Manager vXX
🔷 Immediately close Services Window and POS Services too
🔷 In the next step, cleaning up all the data associated with the modified product folder is necessary
🔷 Now close your dialogue box in Windows Explorer
🔷 And lastly, update your QuickBooks POS

If this does not work to exterminate QuickBooks POS Error 1330, then use the next form of solution to repair it hands-free. Now let’s just do it!

2nd Way – Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks POS

🔷 The very first, uninstall or repair the QuickBooks POS
🔷 Make sure that you save your all data as well as important files in your computer
🔷 Once saved then close all the currently running applications on Windows
🔷 Press the Windows + R keys together to open the “Run” command
🔷 Type the “Control Panel” in the open search bar and Enter key from your keyboard
Or you can tap the “Ok” button
🔷 Click on the “Add” or “Remove Programs” individually option in the same window
🔷 From the list, select “QuickBooks POS” and then choose the change or remove option
After that, press the “Yes” button
🔷 Rename the folder directly from C:\drive once you uninstall the POS
🔷 Under C:\Documents and Settings, you have to rename QBPOSDBSrv
🔷 Create a Clean User Login for QBPOSDBSrv
🔷 Open the Run command again after this and type UAC and hit Enter
🔷 Pick User Accounts then go to the User tab
🔷 Pick the user of QBPOSDBSrv and uninstall the account
🔷 Reboot your machine and reinstall QuickBooks POS.

Get technical support for further queries

getting rid of QuickBooks error 1330 becomes easy by carrying out the above-provided 2 ways. Hopefully, it helps in getting the ongoing error fixed. In case you are facing the error even after carrying out the above steps, then feel free to make a call at QuickBooks technical support toll-free helpdesk number . Furthermore, you can approach them via email or 24*7 QuickBooks live chat.



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