QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server Issue


Have you ever stuck because of QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server Issue? If yes then you are on the right page, keep reading this article till the end and explore the various methods to fix this issue. This Issue can happen with any user, it arises when a user is not able to connect the workstation to the company file/company.  There are numerous reasons behind QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server Issue. When this error comes you can see the below message on the computer screen.

QuickBooks Error Code Error: Can’t communicate with QuickBooks Server

Further, in this article, you will be knowing some common reasons and resolutions to rectify this critical error.

Factors Behind the QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server Issue

Although there could be many factors behind this error, some common reasons are given below.

  • Third-Party Firewall could be a big reason, it might prohibit workstation to connect company file
  • QuickBooks version is not updated
  • QuickBooks File hosting or QuickBooks permissions are not configured properly
  • QuickBooks Database server is not working
  • LAN( Local Area Network)  is not working
  • QuickBooks Server is not properly setup
  • If QuickBooks connection is held for some time then also it leads to this issue.

Resolutions to Sort out QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server Issue

Some of the usual resolutions are given below. However, a user can apply a number of methods to get rid of this issue.

Resolution 1 – Reset your Internet Settings to Default

πŸ”· First, open your Internet Explorer browser
πŸ”· Now, go to the tools menu available at the top right corner or alternatively press the Alt+X buttons simultaneously to open the tool menu.
πŸ”· Select Internet Options
πŸ”· Click on Advanced Tab
πŸ”· Locate the button named β€œRestore Advanced Settings” and click it
πŸ”· Click Ok
πŸ”· Now close the browser and check if still if QuickBooks Unable to connect to Remote Server Issue exists or not

Resolution 2 – Check the Settings of Webmail Preferences

πŸ”· Open QuickBooks application
πŸ”· Go to Edit Menu available at top left side >>> Select Preferences
πŸ”· β€œPreferences” window will be opened on the screen
πŸ”· Select send forms option available at left side
πŸ”· Click and select the email id which is currently being used, after that click on the edit option
Move to SMTP Server Details >>> Configure the Server Name and Port available in email provider settings >> edit option
πŸ”· At the last, set up the email service in QuickBooks for SMTP server and ports

Resolution 3 – Creating (.ND) Network Data File

πŸ”· To start, press the Windows Key
πŸ”· In the search box type QuickBooks Database Server manager
πŸ”· From the gives results, select QuickBooks Database Server Manager (If QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not showing then you are required to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks.)
πŸ”· Now in the QB Database Server Manager window click on Browse and get the folder which contains the company file
πŸ”· Once the folder is selected select the Scan now option
πŸ”· It scans the QuickBooks company file
πŸ”· At the end, check if the .ND files are created for the Data file

Resolution 4 –Verify the QuickBooks Desktop File Hosting

This resolution contains two parts turning off hosting on all workstations and then turning on hosting services on the server.

Step 1 – How to turn off hosting on workstations

πŸ”· Open your QuickBooks application
πŸ”· Go to File menu >>> Utilities available at the top left side
πŸ”· Once you will take your mouse to Utilities option you can see the stop hosting multiuser access option, click on that.

Step 2 – How to turn on hosting on the Server Computer

πŸ”· Press Windows Key
πŸ”· Type Windows task manager and click enter
πŸ”· Once task manager windows is open click more details at the bottom
πŸ”· Go to Service tab and locate exe
πŸ”· Press Windows +R and open Run window
πŸ”· Type msc >>> Click OK
πŸ”· Find the exe file
πŸ”· Double click the service to start it, go to startup type and select Automatic option

Resolution 3 – Update your QuickBooks to the Latest Release

πŸ”· To update your QuickBooks, first of all, open the QuickBooks application, go to the Help option and select Update QuickBooks
πŸ”· Go to the Options tab and select mark all option
πŸ”· At last click on the Update now button and wait till updates complete
πŸ”· Once updates are done close your QuickBooks and restart the computer

Resolution 4 – Arrange the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

πŸ”· Press the Windows button
πŸ”· Now search for QuickBooks Database Server Manager and hit enter
πŸ”· Open the QuickBooks database server manager go to scan folder and remove the existing folders
πŸ”· Click on the Add folder option and add QuickBooks company file folder
πŸ”· At last scan the folder and note down the errors coming showing in database server manager

Wrapping Up

After following the above resolutions for β€œQuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server Issue” you can easily solve this error. Still, if something is bothering you or you have any doubts, query or concerns don’t hesitate to dial and get in touch with QuickBooks Professionals. QuickBooks Helpline is open  24*7 to help you out with QuickBooks relates issues. You can also do a QuickBooks live chat support with the QuickBooks Advisors or alternatively, fill contact us form to get a call back from one of the QB team members.

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