QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel

QuickBooks won’t export to Excel, which is usually faced by QB users while exporting data to Excel. This problem normally arise when excel installed in the user’s system cannot be recognized by this accounting program and this happens if QuickBooks is upgraded by the user. One of the most common ways to prevent this issue, according to QuickBooks professionals is to re-register all the keys with Microsoft by reinstalling or simply repairing Microsoft Office. This approach helps the program to understand the presence of excel on the machine. However, this is not the single way to get rid of such error but there can be various fixes available to this error and that we’ll explore under this article.

Causes of QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Issue

There can be more than one reason for the error: QuickBooks is unable to export to Excel. A few of them are listed down:

  • Damaged or malfunctioning MS Excel
  • Improper functioning of file registry
  • You QuickBooks is not updated or might be your software damaged
  • When the QuickBooks gets damaged or corrupted
  • When the file registry doesn’t work in a proper manner
  • This issue may arise because of an unsupported edition of QuickBooks that does not actually support the Excel export feature.
  • You may not be using the new version of the upgraded QuickBooks program.
  • This may result in a partial or ineffective QuickBooks Desktop update that may lead to this error.
  • One potential reason could be a compromised installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.

Easy Fixation Methods to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Issue

There may be a variety of ways to correct these mistakes. We will be discussing each of the solutions one by one in this article. Go through the provided guidelines to do such thighs efficiently:

Method 1: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version

Ensure that your QuickBooks edition is up-to-date. If it is out of date, follow the steps below to update your QuickBooks with the latest version:

🔷 Initially, launch QuickBooks Desktop on your system
🔷 Next, go to the Main menu and click Update
🔷 Wait till the update process completes

Make sure that you must have a proper stable Internet Connection before you begin the update process
Once the update process successfully done then attempt again to export QuickBooks files or reports to Excel. If you’re still unable then precede next method.

Method 2: Check the QuickBooks Compatibility with Excel

You cannot export any reports to Excel due to the incompatibility of your QuickBooks and MS Excel. So, here, you need to first verify whether or not the program is compatible. If it is not, first make it compatible by updating to the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop and then try to export some reports. Follow the upgrade instructions given:

🔷 First, login to your QuickBooks account with correct credentials
🔷 Next, download the latest QuickBooks version once you successfully logged in
🔷 Now, run the setup and then uninstall the existing QuickBooks version that might prevent you from technical glitches
🔷 After that, install the QuickBooks upgraded version by following the instructions that appear on install wizard.

Method 3: Repair Microsoft Excel on your Windows

If an Office program like Word or Excel doesn’t run properly, then simply restarting it often solves the problem. But if that does not work, by following guided steps, you may try to fix it:

🔷 In the beginning, press Window Start button and then go to the “Control Panel”
🔷 Go to the Programs section from the Category view and then select “Uninstall a program”
🔷 Select and click particular office product that you would like to repair and then choose Change
🔷 Either “Click-to-run” or “MSI-based” depends on your Office copy
🔷 And then perform the following for your desired Office installation type:
🔷 Click-to-Run Installation type: Under How to repair your Office Programs, select Online Repair to make sure it is fixed and then select Repair
🔷 Based on MSI Installation type: Under the option Change your installation, pick Repair and then press Proceed
After that, follow the instructions prompts on-screen in order to complete the repair.

Method 4: Toggle Windows User Account Controls (UAC)

Anything that blocks the export function can be reset by switching your Windows UAC settings on and off. To do so, follow the below instructions:

🔷 Press Window Start button in the very first step
🔷 In the open search bar, type “User Account Control Settings”
🔷 And then try to open the settings called User Account Control
🔷 Once you’re done then you have to select “Never Notify” using the slider
🔷 Click OK and then restart your PC in the last step.

How to reach out QuickBooks team of Experts

After following the above methods, you can easily fix QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Issue. But unfortunately, the error still not resolved or you’re still unable to export QB files to excel then it is recommended to get in touch with QuickBooks technical support Toll-Free helpdesk number . Moreover, you can drop a query Email support@accountingguide.co or do 24*7 QuickBooks live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Issue

Q1. What are factors that could lead to export issues in MAC?

Ans: In MAC, this issue can be caused if the system doesn’t fulfill the required specifications for QuickBooks to work. Certain system specifications include:
·         2-4 GB RAM
·         Suggested Intel Core Duo or higher 
·         It is required minimum disk space should be 250 MB
·         QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or earlier Mac OS 10.10.2 is required, and more.

Q2. How can we troubleshoot QuickBooks won’t export to Excel (For MAC)?

Ans: You can simply troubleshoot by following these steps:
·         Verify your system is compatible with the Excel version that you’re currently using 
·         Make sure that your system meets all the system specification that are required to work with QB 
·         Check whether the issues exist in your QB installation, if yes then clean installation is necessary to get this issue fixed. 



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