Fix Sage 300 Database Error 49153


What is Sage Database Error 49153

Sage Database Error 49153 in Sage 300 ERP- β€œCannot access database (error-49153). See help for more information”

This error occurs when the user wants to open the Sage 300 company or try to login to its account of Sage 300 ERP. It is because the Sage software failed to connect to the database then the user needs to report it so that the admin can check whether you are able to access the database or not.

Fix Sage 300 Database Error 49153

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Causes of Sage 300 Database Error 49153:

  • Shows an invalid server name.
  • The client version of the database has issues.
  • The connection is not valid with the SQL database.
  • DNS is not shifting from one to another IP address.
Fix Sage 300 Database Error 49153

Solution to Fix Sage 50 Database Error 49153

Total Time: 30 minutes

Solution 1: Start SQL Service

πŸ’  Open the Run window by typing the RUN in the search bar
πŸ’  Now type the Services.msc and then press the enter button
πŸ’  In this search for the SQL server and check that the status isΒ Not Started
πŸ’  Now to start the process you have to right-click on the start option
πŸ’  When the service is in control the popup automatically closed and a screen appears in which the status is as Started
πŸ’  After that when you try to log into sage and it is done
πŸ’  Then user also able to login to it.

Solution 2: Change or Update the Path of the Server

πŸ’  First of all, open the RUN window and then open the registry by typing the regedit in it and then press the enter button
πŸ’  Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE\wow6432Node\ACCPAC International, Inc.\ACCPAC\
πŸ’  Now you need to change or update the path of the server in the Sage300 folder that is located in the Shared Data and Programs
πŸ’  Open the SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager and expand SQL Native Client Configuration option
πŸ’  Then do check the Shared memory, TCP/IP, and Named Pipes is enabled or not by clicking on the Client Protocols
πŸ’  Do click on the SQL Server Service and then restart the services.

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Fix Sage 300 Database Error 49153

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