Fix Sage 50 Error 1920 Service Failed to Start

Sage 50 error 1920 happens when the Pervasive service failed to start and it shows the error message as “Sage 50 Error: 1920 Service Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine (psqlWGE) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services”.

So, you need to take the action soon to fix it. The solution is directly provided by the team who is here to resolve all your problems. They also give more reasons that cause the same error in your Sage account. Do follow the instructions properly to get the desired results and get back to your work easily.

Causes for Sage 50 Error 1920 Service Failed to Start

  • Failed Accounts data service to start
  • The security or permissions are insufficient
  • Auto Update Manager service is failed
  • Failed to start Control service.

Solution to Fix the Sage 50 Error 1920 Service Failed to Start

To resolve this Sage 50 error 1920 service failed to start you need to follow the steps below to get it to resolve on your own. The process is provided directly by the support team who is here to help you out. Do follow the steps:-

  1. Log in to your system as an Administrator to get all the admin rights
  2. To check for your user rights:-
    • Go to the Control Panel
    • Then click on the User Rights options
    • You can also go to the My computer and then right-click on it and select Manage option
    • Then open the Local Users
    • Now click on the Groups option
    • After that go to the Users and check properties
  3. When it is confirmed that you have the admin rights
  4. Click on the Start and then go to the Settings
  5. In settings, open the Control Panel
  6. Then click on the Administrative Tools
  7. Now click on the Services then stop the Pervasive PSQL service
  8. After this, restart the Sage installation
  9. Still, if you are facing the errors then do the following:-
    • Check the Remove/Add Programs area of Control panel for confirmation
    • If Pervasive PSQL10 needs to be installed
    • Then check that the error still occurs or not.

How to Resolve Error 1920 in Sage 50? – Video Tutorial

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