Fix Sage 50 Error 7866 When Submitted Full Payment Submission

Sage 50 has got a standing of one of the best software in the marketplace in the present times. This has enhanced its reputation because the features related to the software make working on this software extremely easy for everyone. The demand of the software is improved due to the high proficiency of the software. Moreover, the feedback has been enormously positive from across the globe. Cash flow management, inventory management, invoice related help, automated functions, etc. becomes easier to handle with a software like Sage 50. Safety and security have been particularly given key importance in this software. All kinds of data are very safe with a software like Sage 50.

Nonetheless, every software has some Sage 50 payroll issue and errors occasionally. Software and errors go hand in hand. There are certain circumstances when the software encounters technical and functional errors. When the error occurs, there is an error message displayed with a four-digit error code.

What is Sage Payroll Error 7866

This error essentially deals with a Full Payment Submission and to resolve it, we need to correct it. There are different National Insurance Categories for every employee contingent on the employee’s work status like an apprentice, employee who’s under the age of 21, a married or widowed woman and those employees who are entitled to defer their NI if they are paying it in another job.

While submitting complete payroll under the Full Payment System, there may be cases when this NI category needs to be changed for an employee.

This May Result in an Error with the Following Sage Payroll Error 7866 Message:

“Sage 50 Error 7866 – The amount in [EMPLOYEESCONTRIBUTIONSONALLEARNINGSYEARTODATE] must be 0.00 if the [NILETTER] is ‘X’, ‘C’, or ‘W.’”

It can affect the Sage line of products like Sage 50 payroll Version 19, 20, 21, 22, and Sage Instant Payroll.

What does the Sage Payroll Error 7866 Mean?

The above error states that instead of placing a “0” next to categories X, C, and W, a number greater or less than 0 has been wrongly placed. The error happens typically when a wrong refund is made due to an incorrect category selected, or may be caused while processing manual NIC.

This, instead of being a bug is more of a technical irregularity or a manual error that has happened because of wrongly processing the NI for the employee affected. To rectify this, either edit the data or roll back and re-process the effective employee.

What is a Rollback and things that must be taken into account while doing a Rollback?

Rollback helps you to go back to a specific pay period relating to the employee for which the error has occurred and permanently deleting the Pay processing from the affected period to all subsequent pay periods.

But, note that the employee’s basic records such as the address and contact details won’t be affected. The only segments that will be permanently deleted will be the causative values such as Pay History, Absence Records for the rolled back time frame. After rollback, the Employer’s Payment Record will be adjusted accordingly.

Process of a Rollback – How to rollback an employee’s Pay run data for the selected period

  • The user has to Select Rollback Employees from the “Others” drop-down menu.
  • Next the user has to Select Rollback Active Employee and click Continue.
  • Next the user has to click on the Rollback link for the employee and tick the period(s) that need to be rolled back – and Continue
  • Finally, the user has to Sign In with the password to confirm the rollback.

Note: There are several cautionary steps to be kept in mind while rolling back an employee’s data:

  • The user needs to check if the pension scheme in the previous version for the employee is correct and not a mismatch.
  • The user needs to check that the pension schemes are correct especially If there were amended pension schemes in an earlier version of Sage 50 Payroll and they have completed a rollback.
  • The user needs to know that the accrued sickness days will not be cleared during a rollback and need to be manually deleted from the employee’s records.
  • The user needs to know that there may be changes in the Pay Elements and Rates since the rollback period. This won’t be reverted by the wizard.

Sage is packed with features provisioning every business necessity and is in line with the government’s mandates and policies.  Yet, an application as huge as Sage is not devoid of errors and deadlocks. Similarly, Sage may also face technical and functional errors in the due course of the business.

Sage tech support team is dedicated to providing the best guidance and support for Sage users and has highly qualified professionals for fixing all errors and issues that crop up in Sage.

Users may face intricate technical complications or other distinctive difficulties while working with Sage which is best dealt by a professional who can go to the root cause of the problem, run a series of tests and give the best possible remedy.

We have qualified technicians to help resolve your issue. We provide all the right answers to your Sage 50 related uses with best conceivable accurateness. Our Sage 50 technical support number and helpdesk are accessible online Sage 50 Chat Support, from anywhere at any time. Get instant help with your Sage 50 issues from our friendly help desk experts.



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