Fix Sage 50 Error Connecting Database

Sage 50 error connecting database shows error message as “Error: There is an error connecting to the database.” To resolve it you have to follow the solution below that is provided by the team who is here to help you all the time. Here you also get to know about the system requirements and more reasons that may cause the connection error with database. The team is so responsible so they resolve all glitches in no time as the members are experts and professional enough.

System Requirements that needed re as follows:-

  • Windows operating system is 7 or higher than this.
  • Server 2008 R2 and higher.
  • Server 2008 SP2 that is not same as the server 2008 R2.

Causes of Sage 50 Database Connecting Error

Solution for Resolving of Sage 50 Database Connecting Error

When File is in your System Offline

💠 Check that the MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2 & 3.51 are listed in programs the higher version will not work with sage so these are only versions that do work
💠 So install the MySQL Connector/ODBC if it is not installed in your system
💠 You need to install the both versions
💠 For this the location is C:\Sage\Sage50 Accounting Installer Files- CDN Release (version year)\BIN\MySQLODBC

When File is in your External Hard Drive

💠 Connect the external hard drive to your system
💠 Now copy the company file into your system in the C drive or in the local server partition

When the Files are Located in the Another System

💠 Check that the sample company is opened
💠 If it is not opened then create and open it
💠 Do copy the file from the server to your system
💠 You need to disable the firewall on the server
💠 Connect to the data with the help of IP address rather than the system name
💠 If there are other files on the server so check that they are opening in the software or not
💠 If they opened in the Sage but the file you want to open is not working then there is the issue

When Data is Under the Program Files

💠 Create a new folder in C Drive
💠 Then move the data in the new folder

If you Open the File with Older Version

💠 Check if it has the SAJ folder
💠 Then the data can be converted to the higher version easily
💠 Now open the data with the latest version to avoid the errors.

Workstation and Server Set to the Private Networking

💠 Go to the Start menu
💠 Search the Home Group and then open it
💠 Click on the Change network location
💠 Do select the discoverable YES
💠 After that right-click on the Wi-Fi
💠 Click on the Open Network and Sharing Center
💠 Check that network must shows as the Private Network
💠 Check and verify that you can easily open the company file

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