Sage 50 Problem Initializing Year End Wizard Error

Sage 50 is accounting software and basically used by small and medium industries. While working with Sage 50 there are some instances when your software can be crash due to any technical reason. One of the technical errors is the Sage 50 error problem initializing the year-end wizard. When you are trying to run the Year-end wizard sometimes it gives the below error.

Causes for Sage 50 Error problem initializing year-end wizard

The causes that belong to these errors are mentioned below.

  1. Network Issue
  2. Damaged files in the company data set directory

Solutions for Sage 50 Error problem Initializing year end wizard

Step 1:

  • Select Maintain, Copy Information.
  • Make note of the directory
  • Close the Sage 50
  • Using Windows Explorer search your company directory
  • Rename the following files






  • Open Sage 50 and open your company
  • Click yes and create a new file for ALARM.DAT, ALERT.DAT, EVENTLOG.DAT and AUDITTR.DAT
  • Close your year
  • If it is not closed successfully go to next section

Step 2:

  • Run data verification on your company
  • Before running the test, change the accounting period to period one.
  • Highlight the first Accounting Period on the list
  • Click OK.
  • Go to file>>Data verification
  • Select the option Both tests box
  • Click on start
  • You will be asked to make a backup your Sage 50 data
  • Once data is backed up click on Save
  • Data verification test begins automatically once the backup is complete
  • Click Close
  • If any error comes, you can check the details of the tests by clicking on View Error Log button
  • Change back to your current accounting period.
  • Try to close the year again, if not closed properly go to the next section.

Step 3:

  • Change your accounting period to Period 1.
  • Go to Help>>Support Utilities and select an Integrity check.
  • Click Backup
  • Give a name to your backup
  • Choose the location where you want to save it and click on save
  • Click OK to get the size of the backup
  • Select Re-index files box
  • From Re-index file list select Chart and click on ok
  • Once the test is completed go to Help>>support Utilities and Integrity check
  • Select continue, Re-index file box, from the Re-index files, list select Jrnl header
  • Click on OK
  • Once the test is completed select Help>>support utilities>>Integrity check
  • Select Continue, Re-index Files box, from the Re-index files list select Jrnl Rows, click on ok
  • When the test is completed select Help>>Support Utilities and Integrity check
  • Select continue>>Chart of Accounts/Journal box under the Data Synchronization Test section
  • Click on OK
  • Select Help>>Support Utilities>>Integrity check
  • Select continue>>Journal Balances box and click ok
  • Go to Help>>Support Utilities and Integrity check
  • Select continue, select G/L Balances box and click on OK
  • Once the tests are finished change back to your current accounting period.
  • Check if your issues have been solved or not
  • If the year-end close is still unsuccessful you need to get in touch with an IT professional

How to get in touch with us

For more information on how to solve this issue, you can call our Sage 50 support phone number and our team will be there to help you. Our team is professional and experienced enough to resolve your all technical problems with data safety and backup. You can also do a Sage 50 live chat on our website or email us at and our team will be there to support you.

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