How to Fix Sage 50 Log Error

Sage 50 log error – The error occurs when another user tries to log-in using the user id from which another user has already logged-in. The ultimate result leads to the software crash and the user may lose the data. Your system may stop working due to this reason.

Causes of Sage 50 Log Error

  • More than one users have logged in to the same account, the error will take place.
  • Damaged file or corrupted files which have already been the data path of the company.
  • The entire pervasive engine is blocked by the security system and only the error will be displayed on the screen.
  • Virus and malware are the major cause of the error in the software. It may corrupt or damage your Sage 50 data files and company files.
  • Permission set to inappropriate for the company’s data path may also show the error.

Steps you Need to Follow to Get the Sage 50 Log Error Resolved:

Total Time: 4 minutes

Method 1: Perform Windows Upgrade

🔶 Open your windows, click on the program button and then click on the latest Windows upgrade
🔶 Check for all the latest available updates and then restart your computer
🔶 Once the upgrade process completes, double-click on the Sage account
🔶 Once you follow all the above-mentioned three steps and the error is still in the software, move to the next section.

Method 2: Check the Windows Damaged or Corrupted Files

🔶 Your system must be opened, close all data path related files and then make sure that the company’s data and all programs are closed. If the programs keep on running, you may face issues with the software and the software might get corrupted also.
🔶 Open the Sage backup data file of the company and then clear all locked files.
🔶 Your system must be having damaged or corrupted files. Clear all the files and make the required changes. It leads to the analyzation of the data and its mismatch with the windows.

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