Fix Sage Drive Not Syncing Error

While working with Sage 50 sometimes if you will try to synchronization into sage drive in sage accounts, you might be facing an error with an error message as mentioned below which restricts you to synchronization into Sage drive. There can be many reasons behind this error. Let’s discuss the causes and solutions.

Error message – β€œCould not sync the sage drive company. Please try again. If the issue continues, download the company again.”

Causes of Sage Drive Not Syncing Error

As above mentioned above reasons can be numerous, some of the reasons are given below.

  • Internet connection
  • Firewall
  • Damaged data
  • Different builds between machines accessing shared data
  • Data not located in the data path

Steps for Sage Drive Not Syncing Error

Total Time: 3 minutes

Section 1: Restart Pervasive

πŸ”· Stop and restart the pervasive service
πŸ”· Verify if you can open the sage drive company

Section 2: Inconsistent Builds on the Computer Sharing the Company Data

πŸ”· Go to Help and select About Sage 50 Accounting
πŸ”· Search the Build line and note down the build number
πŸ”· Reaffirm the Build on every computer, including the server Drive to check if any need to be updated

Section 3: Re-base Sage Drive Company

πŸ”· Go to the Computer
πŸ”· Open sage drive company
πŸ”· Go to Help>>Customer support and service or help, support Utilities
πŸ”· Select Re-base Sage drive company
πŸ”· Click on Close on the successfully uploaded to sage drive message
πŸ”· Open the company on another computer and confirm it syncs without any issues

Section 4: Data not Located in the Data Path

πŸ”· Verify if the company is in the correct data path if the shared company is available in an open company window.
πŸ”· Move the data folder into the data path and attempt to re-download the company if the data is not located in the data path

Section 5: Download a New Copy of the Shared Data

πŸ”· Check if you have a stable connection
πŸ”· Allow port 5222 through the firewall
πŸ”· Check if you are able to open sage drive management center
πŸ”· Download a fresh copy of the shared company

Section 6: Re-share the Sage Drive Company

πŸ”· Stop sharing the sage drive company from that company that can access the company
πŸ”· Again share the sage drive company from the system to which it was stopped

Section 7: Replace the Damaged Data on the Sage Drive

πŸ”· Open a company
πŸ”· Go to File>>sage drive
πŸ”· Select Management center
πŸ”· Select the company which is not able to download
πŸ”· Select delete icon, and then click on yes to delete the company
πŸ”· Reshare the company from the computer which last modified the company
πŸ”· Go to file>>sage drive, then select Manage user accessΒ  to give the user access to the company again

Section 8: Check if Sage is Activated Close and Open Again

πŸ”· Activate the sage
πŸ”· Close and reopen sage
πŸ”· Check if you can open the company

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