Fix Sage Error 153 When Printing User Details Report

Ambitious entrepreneurs with booming startups are showing more interest in sage 50 in order to facilitate the steady growth of their businesses. Sage Error 153 When Printing User Details Report has different versions which have different yearly fees keeping in mind all kinds of business owners with different budgets.

However, like the two faces of a coin, everything has both merits and demerits. And like that, users of Sage 50 also encounter a few problems. One such technical error is Sage Error 153. This happens when a user prints a user details report. The user needs to take the following steps to solve this problem:-

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Steps to Resolve Sage Error 153 When Printing User Details Report

Depending on the cause, there can be multiple solutions to this error.

Total Time:

When all Additional Non-Library Master Entries are Acceptable:

Validate the Crystal Report’s Repository:
1. Launch Crystal Reports Studio and view the summary.
2. It is important to remember that the desktop would have to have the proper edition of Crystal Report loaded, which matches the edition of Sage 100 ERP 65. See the Additional Storage and retrieval for further details.
3. Navigate to the Database section.
4. Choose Database Verification.
5. When the notice “The database is up to date” appears, click Agree.
6. Navigate to the File tab.
7. Click the Save button.
8. Navigate to the File tab.
9. To leave Crystal Reports Designer, click Quit.
10. Reprint the document or form if necessary.
11. Establish a new reporting configuration or form coding. Check to see if that one succeeds.

When All the Company Code Errors are Same While Creating Non-Library Master Reports:

1. Go to the Master Library, Primary Menu, and Business Maintenance.
2. Insert the company code for the firm in which the issue happened in the Company Code field.
3. Navigate to the Preferences section.
4. Check the Data Location as well as the Payroll Data Location.
5. If indeed the information area(s) don’t really exist in the actual “..MAS90” folder in which Sage 100 is placed:
A. Take note of the alternative information location(s) & confirm accessibility to those sites.
B. Additionally, ensure that no “MAS XXX” subdirectory for the problematic business id exists in the live “..MAS90” location where Sage 100 is loaded (XXX here refers to the company code that is causing the issue.)
6. In other terms, if a business’s data is saved in a different Data Address (per Business Management), ensure that the business doesn’t really also have a “MAS XXX” folder (where “XXX” is the business id) in the default File Site in which Sage 100 is loaded.
A. The user is advised to set up custom reports in accordance with the norms of the software application after the user has successfully replaced the user-defined system file in the system.
B. The user then needs to proceed by creating a new company followed by copying the user-defined system file to live data in order to replace the existing file.
C. After that, the user needs to sign in to the live feed in order to set up custom reports in accordance with norms under Reporting suite for proper resolution of the error.
D. In case the problem still pertains after undertaking the steps mentioned above, the user can contact our team of experts for more help.

What are the System Requirements?

  1. A 2 GHz processor for optimal functioning of Sage 50 is required.
  2. A 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement, but ideally, a 6 GB RAM is recommended for optimal performance.
  3. 3 GB hard disk space is recommended for optimal functioning of the application software, including 1 GB hard disc space exclusively requiring free installation of the application software.
  4. A functioning CD-ROM for proper installation of the application software.
  5. The latest version of Microsoft Office 365 is required for proper integration of the software.
  6. An updated internet browser is recommended.
  7. High-speed internet is required for availing services like sage drive.

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Can I Reset my Sage 50 Account?

Yes, you can reset your Sage 50 Account. To reset your data, click on Settings and choose Data Management. Click Reset my Data and enter your email address to delete your data.

How Do I Install Sage Instant Accounts on my Computers?

Every Sage Drive user is allowed to install the software on one other device to facilitate sharing the Sage Accounts data through Sage Drive. You need to install the software on another computer, in the same or a different location, using backup and restore to move the data between the two of your computers.

Can I Sync my Sage Drive?

Yes, you can sync your Sage Drive. For that, go to the computer or last access location. Next, Open your Sage Drive Company. Then, select Help, Customer Support, and Service or Help, Support Utilities, and then select Rebase Sage Drive Company. Then, click Close on the Successfully uploaded to Sage Drive message. Now, Open the company on the other computer and confirm it syncs without error.



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