Fix Sage Error: “Codebase Error #: -200 (or Codebase Error #: 83805”)

Sage 50 is accounting software that has garnered a positive reputation owing to its varied functionality in small and medium scale businesses. It automates the reporting process and reduces errors by providing automation of tax procedures along with editing, reviewing, and e-filing the report. It also allows the user to set reminders for tax procedures because in case the user fails to produce the tax forms within the stipulated time they might incur heavy penalties. In this blog, we will help you fix sage error codebase error 200 or codebase error 83805.

πŸ“› Causes of Sage Error: “Codebase Error #: -200 (or Codebase Error #: 83805”)

The user might encounter Sage Error Codebase Error 200 or Codebase Error 83805 while printing a form of tax or preparing a tax report. The error code usually pops up when a person is using Aatrix, third-party software that offers e-filing tax report templates that can be used to create reports.

1️⃣ The user might also encounter Sage Error Codebase Error 200 or Codebase Error 83805 in case the antivirus software attempts to intervene with the procedure of Sage 50 or Aatrix, the user can disable the antivirus software to ensure the proper functioning of the accounting software.

πŸ“› Resolution of “Codebase Error 200” or “Codebase Error 83805”:

1️⃣ Renaming History Folder:-

Once the user identifies which backup was taken before processing the tax forms and then rename the file before adding the .zip extension. The user needs to open old histories in their individual company system after renaming the history file and open the renamed zip file and proceed by copying the histories directory before they start with the tax files.

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2️⃣ Disabling the Antivirus Software:-

If the error doesn’t solve after the above-mentioned procedure the user needs to verify whether it is an antivirus issue by opening the tax form in safe mode with networking. In the unlikely event that opening the form in safe mode does not solve the issue, you need to proceed by disabling the antivirus software.

3️⃣ Checking the Configuration of Trend Micro Antivirus Software:-

To check the configuration of the Trend Micro antivirus software the user needs to open the trend micro icon to open the main console in order to access the PC mobile Tab and select PC & Internet Securities and click on Exception Lists to select Programs and Folders in order to browse. The user further needs to select aatrixforms.exe, viewer.exe, and the updater2.exe files, and click on browse to check whether permissions regarding Aatrix and other software are denied or not, in case the permission is denied the user needs to change the permissions manually to ensure that all exceptions have been checked to resume smooth functioning of the Sage 50 application.

4️⃣ Creating a New Profile on Windows:-

In case the error continues the user needs to create a new profile on windows with the help of the system administrator or IT.

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πŸ”” Frequently Asked Questions πŸ””

Q 1. I am Asked to Reinstall the MAS Client on my Terminal Server, to Fix the Sage Error 200. How to Do So?

Ans: Make sure that the Terminal Server is properly configured before installing the MAS Client. For this, provide specific commands to the terminal before you start the installation. Also, note that you should be having admin privilege to be able to install the client.
Follow These Steps:-
⏩ Terminal server to be opened
⏩ You need to enter the given command:-
i. Change User/Install, and
ii. Execute/Change User
⏩ MAS client to be installed
⏩ Follow the instructions signaled to you by the facts appearing on your screen
⏩ Once the installation gets completed, restart the Terminal server.
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Q 2. What are the Possible Causes of the Sage Error 200?

Ans: Many functional and technical issues lead to the occurrence of the Sage Error 200. Some of These are Mentioned Below:-
⏩ An issue with the printer drivers
⏩ An issue with the MAS client
⏩ The Crystal Reports needed by the workstation aren’t installed
⏩ The computer workstation had registry keys missing.

Q 3. To Fix a Sage Codebase Error, I am Asked to Replace the Histories Folder in my Project. How do I Do So?

Ans: Follow the Given Below Steps:-
⏩ Change the extension of the backup file to zip.
⏩ Locate any backup that was taken prior to the last processing of the tax forms.
⏩ Change the company’s historical folder label to Old-Histories
⏩ Go to your individual company folder and rename the Histories directory.
⏩ Start the e-file form selector to process your forms.



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