Sage Network Access Multi User Mode Issues

Sage [also known as Peachtree] is a business accounting solution that helps all small and mid-level enterprises to monitor accounting activities with ease. It is user-friendly software that requires minimal technical knowledge to work on it and you can easily monitor your business sales, purchase, cash inflow and outflow, payroll, employee management, budgets, tax filing, and many more.

Though, it has become highly preferable accounting software in a competitive market with significant growth. Sometimes, it also crops up error messages while using the software just like other accounting software. Sage network access multi-user mode issues are those when you try to open Sage on a web with a large company file. However, it can be encountered due to several reasons that you’ll come to know in this blog including quick fixes that help you to get rid of this error.

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What Exactly are Sage Network Access Multi-User Issues?

When users are trying to open Sage software on the web with a large company file then you may receive this error message. It may encounter a certain type of issues such as:

  • Sluggishness means whenever you open Sage Software with a big company file, where the number of users is more, and the software will take a longer time to start.
  • Due to network damage, company data files with related data errors are in many.

Steps for Resolve Sage Network Access Multi-User Mode Issues

Before you proceed with the resolutions, it is essential to generate a Sage 50 Backup File on your system. Save the backup in a preferable location with your own desirable file name so that you can easily able to find it. Let’s know how to create a backup file:

🔷 First, go to the record and then open the File menu >> select the backup company
🔷 Next, click on the option to create a backup folder
🔷 Choose the local backup and then choose an option
🔷 To save the file on the desired location for the future reference
🔷 Once done with this step then click Ok
🔷 Select and save it now and then click Next
🔷 Save the backup copy window and go to the Desktop location where it needed to store
🔷 Select and save it now and then click Next
🔷 Finally, you can check the backup file is created on your system.  

Now, proceed with the two following methods that are discussed below:

Method 1 – Always Open Program Direct Icon

When this error arises in your system then make sure that avoid opening the shortcut icon because it can create an error in your system. On the other hand, if it opens normally then you need to select an existing company option. As a result, it will minimize the multi-user mode issues.

Method 2 – Remove Multi-user Mode

If the error still remains unresolved then you need to click on the data files to remove multi-user mode which might not be supported. After that, refresh your data and make sure that you buy a multi-user license for the user or each additional machine. In simple words, your company acquires a “Multi-User License” for each user or other additional device. It is very important to use a multi-user license otherwise it crops up this error.  

Steps to Setup Multi-User Mode in Sage 50

If you’re unaware of the setup process of multi-user in Sage then you can perform the below instructions.

🔷 First, you need to install Sage on all your systems where you’re going to set up multi-user mode
🔷 On server machine C: drive (root directory) and create a New Folder
🔷 Share the folder created and grant permissions to the user to modify the contents of the folder
🔷 Rename the folder created and save your data
🔷 Now, go to the Setup Setting and then create users
🔷 Pick Modify and re-generate the password for the “sysadmin” user
🔷 Make sure that all rights are given to the “sysadmin” and this user cannot be deleted
🔷 After that, move to the tab “Add Users” and along with a password, you need to create new users
🔷 Each user can have individual roles and rights depending on the user-generated
🔷 After you’re done with the above then click the Close button
🔷 And finally, try to switch on multi-user mode from your File menu.  

Contact Sage Technical Team for More Queries

We hope that the above information helps you to understand how to fix Sage network access multi-user mode issues, but sometimes you may face several issues while using or performing the steps. If you are not able to understand any point in this blog or you are having some issues while performing the process then you can get in touch with Sage technical support Toll-Free number . To know more about Sage accounting software & the best resolution related to Sage errors or any other functional glitches, you can easily reach the team of experts. To get better assistance with less delay, use 24*7 Sage 50 live chat option or can drop an Email

Frequently Asked Questions for Sage Network Access Multi-User Issues

Q1. What is Multi-User Mode in Sage accounting software?

Ans: With a multi-user license, multiple users can work on your company data at the same time, if you have Sage 50 Accounting built on your network and you are running your business in a multi-user mode. Depending on the Sage 50 Accounting product you are using and the number of licenses you buy, the number of users who can connect to your company data at one time. Single-user products need to be upgraded to take advantage of multi-user mode.

Q2. What is “Sysadmin”?

Ans: “Sysadmin” is the system administrator profile that is created when you install Sage 50 Accounting. For all company documents, the sysadmin profile has full accounting rights and is capable of remove, create, or modify other users.

Q3. What are things Needs to Keep in Mind Start Working in Multi-user Mode in Sage?

Ans: There are mainly two things you need to consider or always keep in mind before you start working in multi-user mode:
●       Create users for the company
●       Make sure that you turn on automatically Refresh Lists feature. 



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