Fix SagePay Error 4020 INVALID: Information received from an invalid IP address

Sage pay error 4020 shows the error message on your screen as “4020: INVALID: Information received from an invalid IP address.”

If you used the website that is integrated with the Sage pay with the direct method or the server; then you must have the IP address that must be valid from the web-hosting or platform for accepting the transactions. The Sage error 4020 error message says that the transactional post from your hosting company is not being made with the valid IP address that entered in the Sage pay account.

The transactions must use the IP addresses when sent from your server or the website provided to the Sage pay. In the MySagePay if you have not entered the IP address or dynamic IP from where it is coming then this error happens to you all the time.

Here you get the solutions that are provided by the Sage support team so that you can resolve it by your own. The team is expert, trained and professional so they understand all the queries and issues you get. They have many years of experience in resolving all the errors whether they are big or small.

Causes of Sage Pay Error 4020

  • My Sage Pay- When the IP address entered in the web store function not recognized the My Sage Pay sites then this error caused. The IP address must consists of “My Sage Pay” sites but it fails and the error code caused.
  • IP address- For the web server when you fail to enter the IP address then error code happens. On the Sagepay Administrative site the complete process needs to be done as it only accepts the IP address of the server that is registered for your site.

Solution to Resolve the Sage Pay Error 4020

Total Time: 35 minutes

Advanced Solutions for System

💠 In the system, login as the administrator
💠 Then click on the start button and search for the system tools
💠 Now open the System tools
💠 Click on the System Restore option
💠 In the other window click on the Restore my system to the earlier time
💠 Do click on the Next button to continue
💠 From the list you need to select the Latest system repair point
💠 Then do click on the Restore point list
💠 Now switch to the next after completion of the restoration
💠 At the end, reboot the system.

For Adding the IPs

To add the correct IP from your SagePay account Control Panel follow the steps:-

💠 Do start the Terminal window
💠 Now enter the ping on the prompt
💠 From the keyboard click on the space-bar button
💠 For obtaining the IP address, they join the Server host-name
💠 Then click on the Enter button from the keyboard.

How to reach us?

You can easily reach the Sage 50 support team whether you have technical or functional issues. You get all the glitches resolved if you have any queries or issues other than this Sage error code 4020. You just need to dial the Sage 50 customer support number as they are always here to help you 24/7 hours. Team members are polite and friendly so they can easily handle entire situation. They are glad to help you out by assist you in the great way and never let you go without any information or solution. You can also contact them via email or do a sage 50 live chat with experts.



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