How to Fix Sage 50 Explorer.exe Error?


What is Explorer.exe Error in Sage 50?

How to Fix Sage 50 Explorer.exe Error?

Sage 50 Explorer.exe Error– This error cause when you try to open the Sage 50 software with the help of shortcut.

You will get a pop-up message window in which this error shows up while opening the Sage via shortcut. Te pop-up box says

“The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions”

Here you get the causes and the solution as well that is given by the Sage team members so that you can resolve it by your own. The solution is up-to-date and if you still, want to contact the team then you can call the Sage 50 technical support toll-free number . The team is available all the time to help you out in any kind of situation.

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Cause of Explorer.exe Error in Sage 50:

  • If there is any program that is interfering in the Sage 50 while running in the background.
  • If the account is not sufficient to open it via shortcut.

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Steps to Resolve Explorer.exe Error in Sage 50:

  • Go to the shortcut and right-click on it
  • Then a menu will appear from this click on the open file location
  • Now open the Properties by right-click on the program
  • There is a Security tab click on it
  • In the security tab, select the user by clicking on the Edit option
  • Do select the options for the user
  • To resolve it, allow all the options for the user
  • Then click on apply button to apply all the changes then click OK button
  • Repeat the above method again for the confirmation
  • Do this for all the folders that are in the main program.

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Another solution is that you also need to close the background program by press and hold the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys from the keyboard. Then select the Task Manager and in this go to the processes tab. In processes, end the tasks running by selecting the tasks and click on the “End Task” button. Do it with all the process one by one.

How to Get in Touch?

How to Fix Sage 50 Explorer.exe Error?

You can contact the team all the time in case of any queries, issues and more. The team resolves all the functional and technical glitches as they are available all around the clock. You can easily contact the Sage 50 support number .

You can also get in touch through Sage 50 live chat or email. The team members are qualified, expert, professional, trained, and experienced as well.


Fix Explorer Exe Error Sage 50
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