How to Fix Sage Error Code 55

The Sage error message 55 usually happens with a damaged Backup.wtl file in the company file folder. This Backup file is important when accessing Sage payroll or restoring a backup. Moreover, this error is also encountered with the incorrect Memory file. Whenever this issue triggers on the system it interrupts the major tasks including backup creating and backup restore. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to fix the Sage Error Code 55 in your Sage 50.

Why is Sage Error Message 55 Happening?

🔷 Damaged backup.wtl file
🔷 Corrupted data folder
🔷 Unable to reach the payroll file
🔷 Memory allocation size error

When Did the Sage 50 Error 55 Take Place?

🔷 While restoring data or accessing payroll file
🔷 When installing updates the low memory space prompt the error 55 on the screen
🔷 Network share is not available

How to Fix Sage Error Code 55?

Here are the methods to resolve Sage error message 55:

Total Time: 30 minutes

Method 1 – Fix the Error if the Network Issues:

🔷 Initially make sure that you try to link the network drive
🔷 This issue will display once you mapped out a drive using a server
🔷 Search the ping to check the server is offline or online
🔷 Open the Run Window
🔷 Enter CMD in the field and then hit the Ok tab
🔷 It will display Command Prompt Window
🔷 Now ping “computername
🔷 The system name should be FQDN on the network
🔷 If the issue persists then just take a screenshot of the Window

Method 2- Delete the Backup.wtl File:

🔷 Firstly close the error message and payroll
🔷 Open the Windows Explorer
🔷 Follow the location: C:\Users\Public\Data\MYOB\Payroll
🔷 Now locate the payroll folder
🔷 It will list its contents
🔷 Search the payroll data folder related to the payroll file and double-click on it
🔷 Check whether you have multiple files and you do not know the name of the payroll data folder for a specific file then discover the data folder name for the company.
🔷 Hit the File button and choose Open
🔷 Select the company file using the drop-down menu
🔷 The name of the folder appears on the payroll folder line
🔷 Next, find the Backup.wtl file and right-click on it
🔷 Select Delete button
🔷 Now hit the Yes option for the confirmation message
🔷 It will fix the error then reopen the Payroll
🔷 It will generate the pr_Conns file once you created payroll backup

Method 3- Fix the Invalid Memory File:

This error might trigger when there is a wrong or corrupted Memory file in Sage 50. The invalid file error mainly happens because of the corrupted files or low disk space. Jotted down is the list of steps to resolve the issue:
🔷 Firstly delete the temp or unwanted files
🔷 Attempt to disk defragmentation to free up hard disk space of the system with the following steps:
🔷 Hit the Windows Start button
🔷 Write Control Panel
🔷 Choose System and securities tab
🔷 It will display the Administrative tools page
🔷 Hit Defragment on your Hard drive
🔷 It will prompt the Disk Defragmenter dialog field
🔷 Choose Analyze Disk tab
🔷 Now complete the analysis then hit the button named Defragment Disk
🔷 Hit Close option

Last Words:

Hopefully, the write-up helps you identify the issue and then discover the methods to fix the same. If still, you face the same Sage Error Code 55 then get connected to the professional team. Use a live chat, email, to reach the experts.

🔔 Frequently Asked Questions 🔔

🔰 Why do I Get the Sage 50 Error 55 When there is Not Enough Memory?

🔲 Damaged system files
🔲 BDE Settings
🔲 Run low disk space
🔲 Corrupted disk

🔰 How Would I Fix the Corrupt Memory File in Sage 50 Error Code 55?

🔲 Open the Windows Explorer
🔲 Now give a right-click on the corrupted file
🔲 Choose Properties
🔲 Locate Tools
🔲 Hit Check below issue checking

🔰 How Can I Restore the Corrupted Data File?

🔲 Open the PC Settings
🔲 Hit Update & Recovery
🔲 Choose Recovery
🔲 Click Remove everything & also reinstall the Windows
🔲 Hit Get Started
🔲 Now follow the on-screen instructions on the Wizard

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