Reprint Checks and Paycheck in QuickBooks

Accounting software permits ease of printing checks when the printer is linked with it. However, it becomes a troublesome task when you need to reprint the checks. Fortunately, QuickBooks comes with an effective method to reprint the checks without any error. Here in the below write-up, you get to know about how to reprint checks in QuickBooks.

When do you Need to Reprint the Check?

If there is a missing check or found unprofitable for various other causes then you need to re-print the transaction. It includes creating a new check for the actual payment documents and voiding the unworkable check. This process does not create any accounting transaction; however, it will only generate a new check and voiding the inoperative check number as labeled.

Steps for Re-Print a check-in QuickBooks

You can reprint the checks at any time. Simply follow the given instructions:

Total Time:

Search the Check:

Use the search option to find the check. Below are the points:

πŸ’  Choose the magnifying glass icon that appears at the top of the page
πŸ’  After this find the transaction with the help of a transaction number, an amount, or a date
πŸ’  Now click on the Enter option

Start Reprinting the Checks in QuickBooks

Follow the jotted down points:

πŸ’  Locate the left menu to click on the Reports option
πŸ’  After this hit on Check detail report
πŸ’  It will display the report Window and then choose the needed check to print
πŸ’  Click on Print check if want to print a single check
πŸ’  If you want to print the checks in bulk then hit on Print check separately or embed them to the print queue

Follow the instructions:

πŸ”Ά Open the checks you need to print simultaneously
πŸ”Ά After this hit on print later option
πŸ”Ά Click on Save and close
πŸ”Ά Choose +New button
πŸ”Ά Click on Print checks
πŸ”Ά You have to select the Bank Account listed in the drop-down menu
πŸ”Ά After this choose the checks you need to print in batch
πŸ”Ά Once selected now hit on Preview button and then click on Print

Another Steps for Reprint a Paycheck in QuickBooks

Many times you require reprinting an employee’s paycheck in QuickBooks payroll. Β There are mainly two methods available to re-print a paycheck. Here are below:

Setting up Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

πŸ’  Go to the top menu bar
πŸ’  After this hit on the Lists option
πŸ’  Now click on the Chart of Accounts button
πŸ’  Double-click on the checking account you want to use for the payroll
πŸ’  Now select the check and do a double-click on the same to print
πŸ’  After this hit on a Print, signs appear at the top of the same Window
πŸ’  Once done hit on Save and Close button

Edit/Void Paychecks in QuickBooks

πŸ’  Click on the Employee option
πŸ’  Select Edit/void Paychecks button
πŸ’  Write the date of the paycheck from the Show Paycheck from and through text boxes
πŸ’  Discover the employee name and double click on it to see the paycheck
πŸ’  Hit on the Print icon that appears at the top of the screen and then allot the check number
πŸ’  After this hit on OK button


Here the post about How to reprint a check in the QuickBooks completes! If still confused or need to explore other concepts then you can give a ring to QuickBooks professional team . A hub of QuickBooks expertise is there for you to give you better advice and sort out all your issues. In case you unable to talk over the phone then you can use the live Chat option or an email medium to get exceptional advice.

FAQs Related for Reprint Check and Paycheck in QuickBooks

Q. How can I Re-print the Multiple Paychecks in QuickBooks?

πŸ’  Discover the Employee Center and then hit on the Transaction option
πŸ’  After this choose Paycheck appears in the left-hand column
πŸ’  Now double-click on the paycheck you need to reprint
πŸ’  Afterward hit on Print later at the top of the window next to the print button
πŸ’  Hit on Save and Close option
πŸ’  Now you have to repeat for each un-marked check to print
πŸ’  Once done now go to the File option and then choose Print Forms
πŸ’  Click on Paychecks
πŸ’  Place a mark on the paycheck you need to print
πŸ’  After this hit on OK button

Q. Do I Verify the Original Check Number in QuickBooks?

πŸ’  Yes you can, here is how:
πŸ’  Firstly go to Banking and then click on Write checks
πŸ’  Write the original check number to track
πŸ’  Now fill a date in the Date field to match the actual date
πŸ’  Fill in the Employees name
πŸ’  After this write 0.01 in the Amount box
πŸ’  If required write the memo field
πŸ’  Now below the Expenses option choose Payroll Expenses
πŸ’  After this hit on Save and Close option
πŸ’  Locate the Banking option hit on the Use Register button
πŸ’  Now discover this check you recently created and after this click it
πŸ’  It will highlight the check
πŸ’  After this locate the Edit button appears on the top menu bar
πŸ’  Hit on the Void check

Can I Delete the Paychecks in QuickBooks Online?

πŸ’  Yes, here are the steps:
πŸ’  Discover the payday success screen
πŸ’  Hit on Delete a check
πŸ’  Choose the desired check
πŸ’  Hit on Delete button



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