Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server


Sage is the most trusted accounting software that maintains records and processes accounting transactions in a very efficient way within functional modules include- general ledger, payroll activities, different kinds of the journal, accounts payable and accounts receivable. It acts as an accounting dictionary. It safely saves your financial data. From the past few years, it gains a million customers and produces a positive result.  It is extremely beneficial for simple and fast data entry capabilities.

In this article, you get to know about the installation of the Sage 50 Rebuild Server. Read out the whole article and learn how to rebuild the Sage 50 Server.

What are the Main Reasons to Rebuild a Sage 50

  • To merge several companies
  • Change the fiscal year setup
  • Abbreviate data file sizes
  • Alter the value of accounting periods
  • Transform from Cash to Accrual Accounting Basis
  • Variation from Accrual to Cash Accounting Basis and vice-versa
  • Infected and damaged data due to deterioration

Alert: In case, your company data infected or corrupted, then, you don’t need to rebuild your company by performing this solution. There is a high chance of a damaged file exists in the new company. Several methods will teach you about the corruption in the system.

If your company has contained unique transaction files and character lists then, you can manually fix the cleanups that in need of the intermediary excel files.

How to Rebuild Sage 50 Installation Server

Steps for Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server

πŸ’  In the first step, you need to install the Sage 50 software in your system using the new server
πŸ’  Now, you have to download or transfer the install folder from the old device to the other device’s server
πŸ’  You need to utilize the same data directory structure as it should be in your old server while downloading the Sage 50
πŸ’  Now, a notification appears on your computer screen to ask for the folder sharing while the install process is ongoing.
πŸ’  You have to share the folder in the data path that exists in your old server
πŸ’  Now, you need to open the program for their activation
πŸ’  After that, you need to select the services and updates. If the Updates appear on your screen then you need to download the updates and then install them after shut all the programs
πŸ’  Now, transfer your data from the old server to the new server by transferring the single company folders or you can do it by obtaining the backup
πŸ’  Then, make sure backup is stored in the custom folders. Then, you need to pick up the choice according to your preference to store the custom folders
πŸ’  You must save the form folders copy when single company folders transferred.

Now Locate the Workstations

πŸ’  Firstly, you need to remove the mapped drive that Sage 50 software utilize while connecting to the previous or old server from the workstation
πŸ’  Now, you need to locate the drive to the shared folder again on your recent server
πŸ’  It is very important for you to make use of the same drive letter that present on your old server
πŸ’  Now, ensure that you have the access to open the file
πŸ’  Followed these steps for every workstation
πŸ’  After that, you need to delete all the entries from the recently opened company files.


In this article, Sage gives you the detailed structure of the Sage 50 Rebuild Server. By reading the above points you a success to rebuild the server. In case, you don’t have enough knowledge about the accounting software or not able to rebuild and looking for some expert who teaches you regarding the importance of Sage 50 accounting software. Then, you can contact them through a toll-free number or you can share your issue in the Sage 50 chat support by utilizing the feature of live chat.

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