How to Use and What are the Benefits of QuickBooks GoPayment?

Intuit Go Payment is the application by Intuit to process service of mobile payment using a card service. It takes your financial transaction to be done instantly in your business. It is one of the instant methods to process payments with cards if using the QuickBooks GoPayment. So users can make credit card transactions using any of the internet-accessible devices. These devices can be iPhone, android, laptop, Ipad, etc.

In this article, you get to know about the use and benefits of QuickBooks GoPayment so that you get to know about it. It is a useful application that saves your time and money.

List of Benefits of Intuit GoPayment with QuickBooks:

The benefits are many that you must know about so here is the list to go through:-

  • Integration is easy
  • You can make financial reports
  • Saves a lot of your time
  • Free to use for your customers
  • With this, you can save your money, effort, and time
  • The preferences of pricing are flexible that benefits the more
  • You can do QuickBooks Reconciliation in the right way
  • Get wide-ranging of GoPayment for Device compatibility
  • 365 days of customer helpline.

How to Get Paid Instantly?

In the Intuit GoPayment, you have to scan the card using the camera another way is to enter all the details of your card with the key directly into the GoPayment and get paid instantly. You don’t require to plug in your card reader and swipe the card.

What is the Easy Way to Collect the Payments Using the QuickBooks GoPayment?

In this process of collecting the payments using the Intuit GoPayment, there is no need for the card reader anymore. Scan the card using your phone’s camera when you want to receive payments and enter the key of the card in the details. Then you are done collecting payments without using a card reader. You just have to connect the card reader to devices like iPhone or Ipad then strike the credit card immediately to process it.

quickbooks gopayment app

How you can Enable the User to do Customization?

  • Guide your customers for the payments of credit card
  • Integration of the media links, logo, store address, personalized message, and other things into the receipt of payment by the user
  • Generate the products quick order nd also enter the custom prices
  • To integrate the list of products that you sell very often which includes the text, price, or picture with it.

How to Pay Instant Payment Anywhere and Anytime?

Instant payment is the process that allows you to receive text or email from your clients. The customer does suggest you allow them for the payment right on the device. The process completes immediately just after accepting the payment. So, this is the quick payment process that saves time for both just using GoPayment.

What are the Few Simple Steps to Get Started?

There are few steps that you have to do to get started and the steps are:-

  • Download the Intuit GoPayment
  • Install it into your computer
  • The process of application needs to be completed
  • Get it approved.

What to do to Set off the Business Expeditiously?

  • You have to use the online service center to verify the credit card transactions, refund, or accept the payment
  • For doing safe and secure bookkeeping and accounting services, the user requires to synchronize their transactions
  • On your behalf, at one time, you can add 50 users to accept the payments at any time from anywhere
  • You have to take pleasure in the processing of credit cards and safe encryption.

QuickBooks GoPayment- Don’t Miss any Sale using the Handling of Mobile Credit Card

  • You have to examine the payments
  • Approve the payments of credit card anywhere
  • Take the repayments types such as accept and videotape all MasterCard
  • Record the cash transactions if any and also the other transactions.
QuickBooks GoPayment

What are the Advantages of Intuit GoPayment?

  • For receiving payments, there are easy simple, and efficient methods of payments
  • Make your transactions sync to make it safe and secure with QuickBooks
  • Your customers can use it freely
  • Generate the automatic payments into your QuickBooks account
  • Payments made using the internet access device or mobile have to accept.

Why use GoPayment and How?

The GoPayment makes your work easy by just approving payments on mobile. You have to just approve the credit or debit cards into your business. The repayments of mobile are not legal or right for you but if someone sticks to it and relates to you then it worths doing it. Here are the steps of how to use the GoPayment:-

  • Firstly, download the application of QuickBooks GoPayment from the play store or mac app store
  • Now, you have to open and login to the application of GoPayment that you have downloaded
  • All set to take the initial payment by plugging in the credit card
  • Now, wait until you hear the click and do show up the volume
  • Prepare for approving the credit card to earn money
  • Then swipe your card to get your payment
  • The customers have to browse the web for approving credit card
  • Both payments can be recorded in either cash or check.


In conclusion, you get to know everything about Intuit GoPayment like benefits, usage, advantages, setting business, get started, and more. So, just go through the article and get to know about the GoPayment to integrate with QuickBooks software. It is great and also so helpful for your payment processing using credit cards.

If you have any kind of questions or problems related to QuickBooks or GoPayments then connect with the team. The QuickBooks helpdesk team is here to assist you whenever required. Members of the team are available 24/7 hours via email or do a live chat with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What if there is any issue while connecting with Intuit GoPayments?

Ans: In the case of a problem, while connecting QuickBooks with Intuit GoPayments, you have to make the connection again. Try to do the whole process again carefully and identify at what point you are having issues. So that you can resolve it or forward it to the QuickBooks helpdesk team.

Q2: How to fix the card reader connection problem in QuickBooks GoPayments?

Ans: You have to open the Settings in QuickBooks then click on the card reader. After that click the type to change the type to the Bluetooth Reader. Restart your phone and turn the Bluetooth on. Add the new reader and swipe the reader. It shows under my card reader option. After all, this, process the payment to check for error.

Q3: What are few problems that are faced by users while using GoPayments?

Ans: ➤ Card reader connection issues
➤ Error 2700 in GoPayment
➤ Not able to login GoPayment
➤ Repayments issues
➤ Slow while accessing GoPayment on a mobile device, and many other problems.



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