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E-filing and reporting are two of the most necessary processes every organization has to undertake in accordance with tax regulations and audit procedures. Sage 50 provides features like the Sage 50 1099 e-File and reporting module that aids the user in quarterly e-filing and processing year-end forms. And this is in accordance with federal tax norms without the aid of banks.

What is Sage 50 Peachtree 1099 E-File

Tax forms must be filed by a particular deadline and if the deadline is missed, penalties will be incurred. E-filing additionally saves time and is also cost-effective since the user does not need to print the forms and send them to agencies handling their tax procedures.

Sage 50 is well-known accounting software that enables owners of small and medium scale businesses with essential day-to-day procedures like management of inventory, management of payroll, sorting of books of journal and ledger, and creation of customized bills to name a few.

Process for E-Filing 1099 in Sage 50

  1. Select the option of “Vendors and Purchasers” before selecting “Reports and Forms” and then opt for accounts payable. Next click on the options button present in the 1099 Vendor Report. The user needs to select “Year to Preview” from “Filters or Sorting and Summary” and include other necessary criteria. Once the user has performed the aforementioned procedure, they should select Columns for information regarding 1099 filing, after the user has completed their work they need to hit the Ok tab.

2. The user has to select the icon for “Excel”. Once they have opened the excel file they need to find the option of “Save As” from Excel. The user needs to identify the directory and provide a name for the file in order to save it. In order to proceed forward, the user needs to convert the file into a CSV (*CSV) file from the Save as type option and then close the file. After they are done with the aforementioned procedures, the user needs to select Employees and Payroll from federal tax forms before double-clicking on the payroll tax forms tab to select [year] 1099 – MISC in the Available Form section in order to set the period of filing.

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3. The user is advised to select the Open Data File window after clicking on the browse menu in order to select the 1099 Vendor Report that they had previously converted and saved as a CSV (*CSV) file. Then they should proceed by clicking the “Next” button, which would open the window in order for processing the data.

When the 1099 importer window pops up on the screen mentioning the dialogue, the user needs to proceed by clicking ok. To map the columns of the form the user needs to drag the column name to the proper box on the 1099 form. After the completion of the mapping procedure, the user needs to choose if he wants to save his map and continue with the application.

4. When the 1099 setup wizard pops up the user needs to proceed by selecting the “Next” in order to cross-check if the pair identification number is the right one and then click next again after selecting EIN or SSN.

Then the user needs to choose the right type of Tax Preparer. When the third party Preparer information window pops up the user needs to proceed by completing the necessary criteria in order to check the accuracy of each state, locality, authority, or item.

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5. The user needs to select the correct option from the Data Verification Window before proceeding further to choosing appropriate options on the window pertaining to Receipt Identification Numbers and finally end by choosing the correct tab in the Multiple Data files.

6. The user needs to proceed with Verification W2/1099 prepare a worksheet before verifying the highlighted information in order to proceed with printing and filing. The user is given two options, the first one being Complete Sage 50 Peachtree 1099 e-File Service and “Choose My Own Option

7. After verification of the entire process, the user needs to select the printing option after selecting the proper option for divider sheets. After repeating the process a few times the e-file form is selected in the Aatrix secure e-file, after which the user has successfully performed the procedure.

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Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. What is the Tax Form 1099 Used For?

Ans: The 1099 paperwork is part of a set of records known as “information returns” by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The paper is used to send a financial report to the IRS and the government. There are many distinct 1099 documents that require multiple types of expenses you may obtain over the year that isn’t even paid by a company.

The IRS 1099 Worksheet is a group of tax documents that reflect various categories of expenses made by individuals or businesses other than your company. The payer completes the document with the necessary information and delivers duplicates to both you and the IRS, in order to comment on money received throughout the tax year.

Q 2. When is the Due Date of Filing Tax Form 1099 with the IRS?

Ans: File your taxes by January 31 and they can extend to February 15 in some cases. Under certain cases, you’ll also need to send a replica to your agency’s taxes authorities. The provider is liable for completing and mailing you the required 1099 tax information. Rental income, revenue as a freelancer or hourly wage, a tax deduction from your province or town, gaming income, and other types of income qualify.

Q 3. Who has to File the Tax Form 1099?

Ans: There are a few specific sorts of 1099 papers that are used to report amounts paid among an organization or an individual and a related party. As 1099 documents are used to report earnings, many persons may usually receive 1099 papers for varied purposes. When you’re an individual consultant or contractor, for illustration, you might get a Report 1099-NEC from a specific provider detailing money paid to you across the year.



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