Method to Enable and Disable QuickBooks Messenger

QuickBooks is known as one of the best accounting software, which always provides the best way to manage the business. QuickBooks also includes one of the best features that is QuickBooks messenger. QuickBooks Messenger enables you to do chat with other QuickBooks users in your organization. This option is available inside the QuickBooks. In the below article, you will get to know about how to enable and disable QuickBooks messenger.

Steps to Turn on QuickBooks Messenger

When a user uses QuickBooks accounting software in multi-user mode, the QuickBooks icon shows the bottom right of the screen in the system tray. QuickBooks messenger will automatically start when you log in to QuickBooks accounting software. A user can simply start a chat with any other QuickBooks user by click on the Action drop-down and selecting the send message option to users.

Total Time: 35 minutes

How to Chat Users Through QuickBooks Messenger

πŸ”· Double click on the QuickBooks icon to launch the QuickBooks messenger
πŸ”· Once any user logged in the company file, a notification will come
πŸ”· Go to notification window and select Chat to start
πŸ”· There is one more way to start chat, just right-click the messenger icon in the system tray and select the chat option from the list which comes
πŸ”· User can start to chat with other QuickBooks users simply opening Action drop-down and selecting the send message to users

Steps to Disable QuickBooks Messenger

In QuickBooks, you can also disable QuickBooks messenger if you don’t want to use it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to disable QuickBooks messenger:

πŸ”· Click on option Switch to multi-user mode and log in as admin
πŸ”· Now go to File menu >>> Sub menu >>> select Utilities
πŸ”· Locate the Disable QuickBooks messenger under the utilities and click it
πŸ”· Once QuickBooks messenger is disabled, log out of your company file
πŸ”· Login again, so that the changes done by you become active

How to Log off or Close QuickBooks Company file for other QuickBooks Users?

To do this step you need to be admin of the computer.

πŸ”· Open your QuickBooks
πŸ”· Go to Company menu
πŸ”· From the submenu select Chat with a co-worker
πŸ”· QuickBooks messenger will be launched at this point
πŸ”· Once messenger is launched go to Action drop-down menu
πŸ”· Locate and click on Close company file for users
πŸ”· Select user to which you want to close the QuickBooks
πŸ”· Once the user is selected, click on the close company file
πŸ”· Confirmation window will appear on the screen
πŸ”· At last click on the yes button

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