How to Open QBW File without QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a commonly used application that comes with different awesome features to suit the business needs. Data files for QuickBooks contain critical data and are stored under various file extensions. One such file extension is the .qbw extension that helps you in storing various important data. Without QuickBooks if you open qbw file save you time also make your file easy to access. The steps for how to open qbw file without QuickBooks are discussed later in this blog. Without accessing QuickBooks, the below steps allow you to open the file quickly at much ease.

Understand about .QBW File Extension

QBW file is nothing but a simple file format. All the files generated by the software are stored in the format of .qbw. Yeah, a lot of users don’t know exactly what a qbw file is. It is therefore necessary to learn a bit about the qbw file first. In addition, QBW is a type of file extension used for the company data file of QuickBooks. The extensions to these files consist of financial information, letters, images, logos, and templates. Sensitive data is carried in the qbw format, which makes it very necessary for the user to have the file backup and stored at different locations. In order to open these files without using QuickBooks, there are some steps which can be followed by QuickBooks users.

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Here are Some of the Uses that this File Extension is Usually Used for:

  • Financial data:
    • Loan manager
    • Financial Statement Designer
    • Cash flow projector
    • Business Planner
  • Images
  • Letters
  • Logos
  • Templates

List of File Extensions that are Used in QuickBooks:

  • Fixed assets manager
  • QuickBooks working files
  • Payroll files
  • Log and utility files
  • Accountant files

The above-listed file extensions are essential for storing your data. It is advisable that you should always create a backup of the data for same. This will not only make it easier to transfer data on the network, but will also make crashes less problematic for the system.

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Reliable Steps for Open QBW File Without QuickBooks

You can check out the reliable steps in order to open qbw file in QB:

Step 1: Initially, Press the Window Start logo at the bottom left corner on your Desktop screen.

Step 2: Next, go to the All Programs that appear on the list and then select Intuit within the folder search for QuickBooks and make a hit on the same.

Step 3: Now, click Vendors, Customers, or Employees option. At the very top of the left-hand side of the screen, these choices are present. Tap on the Customer Center until it is finished.

Step 4: QBW files must first be converted to Excel files in order to access them. To do this, first pick the Excel option from the top of the screen and then choose Export Excel. After searching for all the information in the pop-up window, you will need to click on Export.

Step 5: Open Microsoft Excel (you can go to any version of Microsoft Excel that is 2010 or later and you will be able to access the QBW file in it) after the file is imported into Excel format.

Step 6: Click the Data Tab at the top left of the screen after importing the file, and then click the Other Resources tab.

Step 7: Now, in the new pop-up window, you’ll have to find the imported file. If you do not manually scan for the file, then simply find it separately and paste it on the desktop to make it easier to search for it.

Step 8: Finally, click on the file to open it once the converted file is located.

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Winding up!

After performing the steps listed above in this article for how to open qbw file without QuickBooks becomes easy. However, even after performing the above steps, if you are unable to open company file the same then feel free to call at QuickBooks technical support toll-free number any time. Alternatively, you can drop an email at or do a QuickBooks live chat.



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