How to Open QuickBooks Backup File

Getting error while restoring the backup file in QuickBooks? The below article will inform you about the causes, reasons, and solutions to resolve the same. Sometimes users are unable to restore the QuickBooks file and to get instant help get in touch with the QuickBooks Helpdesk through the lie chat or sending an email to so that you can be contacted by the QuickBooks professionals who are professional, polite, and always ready to solve the issues related with QuickBooks.

What is the QuickBooks Backup File?

QuickBooks is today the most wanted and most demanding accounting software everywhere.  It supports you in many ways and with the latest updated release with the latest tools.  Today we are talking about QuickBooks backup files. QuickBooks backup files are the files that consist of your company data till the date in which backup was made. You need to make sure to restore the recent file.

Many times you need to restore up the file with the error message as “Restore failed cant remove log file.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

There can be many symptoms for the same but commonly are below mentioned:

  • Backup restore an existing file
  • Restore a wrong backup file
  • USB Flash drive allows restoring a backup
  • Backup is done with the latest or different version of QuickBooks

Causes of QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

QuickBooks users may face the issues while working from QuickBooks backup files, and the process fails with one of the below error messages :

  • “QuickBooks Error: Restore failed. It is the invalid format of Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup file”
  • “QuickBooks Error: Restore failed Cant remove logfile”

Reasons for Failure QuickBooks backup file

  • Damaged or corrupted file
  • Backup is restored in an existing file
  • Company file consists of special characters
  • Backup is stored from USB flash drive
  • The files Restored is not an original QuickBooks backup file
  • Backup is completed in the latest version but restored in an older version

Important Points to Remember

  • QuickBooks saves your data in a file with .qbw extension
  • It also enables you to create a backup of your crucial information. The extension used in these files are .qbb or .dmg

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

Total Time: 5 minutes

Method 1: Deleting a Special Character

💠 Do right click on the file name and select rename
💠 Enter a new file name
💠 Press enter

Method 2: Avoid Overwriting Existing File While Restoring Company Backup

💠 Save the file in an easily accessible location
💠 If the file name matches with another file in the same folder you will see a message “the file name already exists. Would you like to overwrite the file?”
💠 Click on No and change the file

Method 3: Use the Same or New Version of QuickBooks while Restoring a Backup File

💠 Use the QuickBooks file manager to know your QuickBooks version while restoring the backup file

Method 4: Confirm the Backup File

💠 The file should not be less than 6MB, hence you need to check the file size after creating a company file backup
💠 Do a right-click on the file and select properties to check the file size
💠 The file is not true backup file if it is less than 6MB, you have to make a new backup

Method 5: Repair your Company File

💠 The company file can be affected due to many reasons hence it is advisable to troubleshoot to avoid any data damage

Method 6: Repair QuickBooks Manually

You can use QuickBooks inbuilt rebuild and verify the utilities to repair the QuickBooks manually

💠 Go to QuickBooks file menu >>Utilities >>Rebuild Data
💠 Go to QuickBooks File menu>>Utilities >>Verify Data

Steps Which helps you to Fetch the Backup File in QuickBooks

💠 In the QuickBooks desktop click on File
💠 Go to Restore or Open company
💠 Select the Restore a backup company
💠 Click on Next
💠 Select Local Backup
💠 Click on Next
💠 it allows you to select the location of your backup file from the Look In the dropdown
💠 Select the backup file from the folder
💠 Click Open
💠 Click on Next
💠 Now you will be able to select the location where you want to save the backup file
💠 Mention the desired name of the file in the Filename
💠 Save

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Tutorial Restoring a Company File from a Local Backup Copy Intuit Training

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