Download and Use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

Are you also looking for a solution to fix the Windows component issues so that you can continue with QuickBooks account? In this article, you get the detailed steps for how to download and use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. You also going to have the solutions for the problems caused by component damage in Windows. For all component issues that you are getting while working on your QuickBooks Desktop, you have to use this component repair tool to fix the problem. Let’s download, install, and then use this QuickBooks tool hub if you are facing issues.

What is QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

This tool is generally used to fix the common errors that you are facing into your QuickBooks account while working. Whenever you are facing issues with your Windows operating system components and causing errors into your QuickBooks Desktop account. Then you have to use the conversion tool to fix it out.

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There are following errors that are resolved using this tool are mentioned here:-

  • Microsoft .NET
  • QuickBooks Installation errors
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • QuickBooks Error code 1935
  • QuickBooks Framework error
  • Microsoft components related errors or bugs
  • QuickBooks Error 1603
  • Microsoft MSXML and more.
QuickBooks Installat Diagnostic Tool

How to Download and Install QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

For downloading the conversion tool into your computer; here are the few steps that you have to follow to download it successfully. After downloading, you have to install it so that you can run the tool whenever required. Follow the below mentioned steps to download and install the Conversion Repair Tool:-

Total Time: 35 minutes

Downloading the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

πŸ’  Check that there is no running program into your system
πŸ’  If the program is running then closed it then move forward to next step
πŸ’  Download the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool into your system
πŸ’  After successful download and saving file into your computer
πŸ’  Go to the location, double-click on the downloaded file that is with .exe extension
πŸ’  The installation Wizard opens up
πŸ’  In this, you have to follow the instructions shown to you
πŸ’  After following all the instructions and agree to all their terms, you are done with the installation
πŸ’  In the end, restart your computer and you are done.

How to Use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

You can use this tool by running it into your system. To run it go to the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool icon then double-click on it to open it. After that if you have any issues then that can be fixed using this tool. The issues are related to the components only as this is a component repair tool. These components are like .NET framework, MSXML, etc. So, you have to use it in case of all these issues and other installation issues according to the cause.

What are the Errors Resolved by QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and how?

There are many errors that are caused because of the component not working problems. So here are the solutions that you have to implement after identifying the problem that does not let you work into the QuickBooks software. The solutions are:-

To Rebuild .NET Framework:

πŸ’  Open the QuickBooks Component repair tool
πŸ’  Then Diagnose for the problem
πŸ’  After diagnose, fix the issue that is causing the component not working
πŸ’  When fixing is done; restart the computer
πŸ’  Check for the error now.

To Reconstruct or Repair the MSXML:

πŸ’  Register the MSXML.dll files
πŸ’  Now, you have to uninstall it using the control Panel MSXML 6.0
πŸ’  Open Control Panel
πŸ’  Then click on Programs
πŸ’  Again, click on Programs
πŸ’  Then in the list of programs
πŸ’  Search for MSXML and then right-click on it
πŸ’  After that click on Uninstall/Change
πŸ’  Then follow instructions and uninstall it.
πŸ’  After that, reinstall it with latest version MSXML 6.0 into your computer
πŸ’  Download and install the MSXML 6.0 SP1
πŸ’  Repair the MSXML 6.0 is done.

To do Windows Update:

πŸ’  Go to the Settings of Windows
πŸ’  Press Windows button
πŸ’  Then click on the gear icon to open Windows Settings
πŸ’  After that go to the update and Security option
πŸ’  A new window opens up, in this click on Windows Update that is on the left panel of screen
πŸ’  Then click on the button Check for updates
πŸ’  It took few minutes to check for the updates that are available
πŸ’  Then if it shows you the update then do download and update it
πŸ’  If it won’t show any update then your Windows is up to date.


In this article, you get to know how you can download and use the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. Here, you also get to know what errors you are going to encounter that can be resolved using this tool.

If you have any queries or any problems then contact the QuickBooks helpdesk team who is here to fix all your issues. They provide you best assistance via email, live chat, and toll-free number. They are available 365 days a year so that you won’t face any glitches. So, in case of any question or query don’t worries just connect with the team and you get solutions instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If I got the QuickBooks error code 1603, 1904, or 1722 then what does it mean that I have to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

Ans: These errors are also related to the damage of components in your Windows system that don’t let you work into your QuickBooks desktop account. So to fix these error codes you have to run the QuickBooks component repair tool.

Q2. How can I reinstall the MSXML component before running the component repair tool?

Ans: ➀ Firstly, go to the downloaded file of MSXML file
➀ Download the MSXML into your computer
➀ Then double-click on downloaded file
➀ For installation, follow all instructions
➀ After successful installation
➀ Check for errors in QuickBooks
➀ If still, facing errors run the QuickBooks component repair tool.

Q3. Does this QuickBooks Component Repair Tool work on all editions and versions of QuickBooks and Windows operating system?

Ans: Yes, it supports all your QuickBooks versions 2020, 2021, 2019, 2018, etc) and editions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant). Also, support all Windows versions (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.).



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