How to Fix QuickBooks Display Issues

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is one of the highly user-friendly accounting solutions that help millions of users to streamline their account activity with much ease. However, it happens when users encounter some unwanted delays due to some unwanted errors. QuickBooks Display issue is one such issue that users usually encounter due to graphics display. It can cause with the high-resolution graphics displays (screen resolution: 1920 X 1200 or higher) the application faces display problems. This problem also arises when you overuse any QuickBooks product. Display problems in the QuickBooks Desktop involve the big and small issues while accessing the screen of the program. We are going to disclose some major display issues in this post and fix them using intelligible methods for troubleshooting. You can also contact the team for further assistance.

QuickBooks Display Issue

Reasons that Arises QuickBooks Display Issues

QuickBooks is built and coded for less than 100% (96 DPI) DPI value. Many devices with a higher resolution display consist of 125 to 150% DPI Settings which lead display issues in QB Desktop.

Signs & Symptoms of QuickBooks Display Error

It is necessary to have proper Microsoft Windows resolution and Font settings for better performance of QuickBooks display. However, if these two criteria are not optimized on a timely basis then you can check the below-mentioned symptoms:

  1. Huge fonts size
  2. Home page is blank
  3. Missing buttons
  4. The transaction form is not appropriate for the screen
  5. Sizing icon does not reflect at the top right window
  6. A field overwrites and hides the label thereof
  7. Distorted screen when attempting to maximize it or to minimize it
  8. The pay status on the Invoices is truncated.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Display Issues

Now, you are well aware of the reasons and symptoms of the error. Check out here are all the appropriate and easy-to-apply solutions for how to fix QuickBooks display issues:-

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Modify DPI Settings

πŸ’  Initially, go to QuickBooks icon and right-click on it
πŸ’  Next, select the β€œdisable display scaling on higher DPI setting”
πŸ’  The above option you can find in the Compatibility tab
πŸ’  After that, hit β€œApply” and β€œOk” button
πŸ’  At last, open QuickBooks and check whether the Windows are visible or not.

Solution 2: Modify Desktop View Preference

πŸ’  Firstly, go to β€œCompany” and open it
πŸ’  Next, select the Edit menu and then click on β€œpreferences’
πŸ’  After that click on the Desktop View and then My Preferences
πŸ’  In the end, go to Switch view and select β€œMultiple Windows to one”.

Solution 3: Modify Windows DPI Settings

Changing the DPI settings is important because QuickBooks is programmed to operate with Windows DPI’s ‘Default Settings.’ And if you use something other than Standard values, it will cause issues to be displayed.

πŸ’  Windows 10

πŸ”Ή The very first, go to Control Panel and then Press Windows + X keys together
πŸ”Ή Next, select and click on the β€œAppearance & Personalization”
πŸ”Ή Click on the β€œSet custom scaling” after browsing the β€œchange item size” option
πŸ”Ή Now, with the help of the drop-down menu, choose 100%
πŸ”Ή And then press the β€œOk” button
πŸ”Ή Otherwise, drag right/left in order to adjust the settings
πŸ”Ή At last, press the β€œApply” and then sign out so that it reflects all the changes made.

πŸ’  Windows 8/8.1

πŸ”Ή Initially, go to Desktop and right-click on it to select β€œScreen”
πŸ”Ή Next, go to display settings and select β€œMake text & other items bigger or smaller”
πŸ”Ή Unmark the option named β€œallow me to select one scaling level for my displays” without missing
πŸ”Ή Drag the slider to choose less than 100% and this ensures you that the items are at a normal
πŸ”Ή Finally, save all the changes and then reboot the system to reflect all the changes made.

πŸ’  Windows 7

πŸ”Ή Select the β€œScreen” by right-clicking on the Desktop
πŸ”Ή Open display settings and then select β€œmake text & items larger”
πŸ”Ή Set the option smaller than 100% and this keep the items in a normal text mode
πŸ”Ή At last, save all the activity and reboot your system to effect the changes made.

Solution 4: Change Windows Theme to β€œBasic”

πŸ’  Go to Windows Start button
πŸ’  Next, click on the β€œControl Panel”
πŸ’  After that, select Personalization
πŸ’  Now, select and click on the β€œWindows 7 basic” in the β€œBasic & High Contrast themes”
πŸ’  Try to start the computer once again
πŸ’  Launch the QuickBooks and verify the error is resolved or still exists.

Solution 5: Reboot.bat

πŸ’  Go to QuickBooks icon and right-click on it
πŸ’  Next, open the file location
πŸ’  Look for the β€œbat files” and once find then right-click on it
πŸ’  Now, select run as an Admin
πŸ’  Make sure that you have the Admin rights to run the β€œbat files”
πŸ’  Now, file display bat or reboot
πŸ’  You can see a black window appear with the scrolling name
πŸ’  Once the utility of bat file has completed then it will close automatically
πŸ’  Make a note that, you do not close it manually
πŸ’  Verify the issue is resolved or else you can restart the system.

Solution 6: Modify the Settings of Screen Resolution

πŸ’  Windows 10

πŸ”Ή Go to the β€œDesktop” and right-click on it to select β€œDisplay”
πŸ”Ή Next, select the β€œAdvanced display settings”
πŸ”Ή Now, in case there is more than 1 display appear then select β€œdisplay that need to modify”
πŸ”Ή After that, go to β€œResolution section” and set it to minimum 1024 x 768 or higher
πŸ”Ή At last, hit the β€œApply” button and then β€œKeep the changes”.

πŸ’  Windows 8/8.1/7

πŸ”Ή Right-click on the Desktop and then select β€œscreen”
πŸ”Ή Using the drop-down menu, look for the resolution
πŸ”Ή Set it to a minimum of 1024 x 768 or higher than that.
πŸ”Ή In the end, press the β€œOk” button.

Still looking for assistance

So, the above-mentioned are all possible solutions to fix QuickBooks display issues. It is expected that the above comprehensive solutions help you to comfortably be able to resolve the error.

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In any case, you face difficulty in determining the issues then feel free to connect with the QuickBooks technical support team via email or do a 24*7 live chat. You can also connect with the team by filling the customer contact form with the query details and the team will get back to you in the minimum time frame or they may 2-3 hours.

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