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There are some issues that QuickBooks users usually face while using the banking service of QuickBooks and QuickBooks error 1016 is one of them. It is an online banking error that might appear while downloading the bank related transactions or while working with the same. It is the most common and frustrating error faced by many users. There are a lot of reasons behind this error such as TLS settings are not properly configured, QuickBooks company files get damaged and much more. It is a suggestion if possible you must correct this error as soon as possible. To explore more, you can go through the article or get in touch with the team via email or 24*7 live chat.

What is QuickBooks Error 1016

Users come across this banking error when they are attempting to connect with their bank account in QuickBooks. It can happen when there is something suspicious with the bank server or might be not reachable. Sometimes when users bank not able to authenticate QuickBooks connection to their bank and because of that, it shows QuickBooks error 1016 messages. That’s why banks can recognize the connection error and users can easily prevent these kinds of banking errors.

Relevant Causes of QuickBooks error 1016

Here are the most relevant causes behind this banking error that is listed below due to which users come across QuickBooks error code 1016 while operating banking activities in QuickBooks. These include:

  • It can happen when there is some technical error in the financial institution or bank
  • When the bank website is undergoing maintenance
  • If you ignore the bank notification that is sent by the bank like important alerts
  • There are some changes made by financial institutions in the offered service, direct connect, or web connect.
  • It can occur when there is a server issue in the bank website
  • The error can also happen when there is an internet connection issue
  • QuickBooks company file can be responsible behind occurring this banking error
  • The outdated version can create such banking error
  • It also arises due to corrupt downloading or incomplete installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Corrupt or damaged import format can also be one of the reasons for this online banking error.

Efficient Solutions to Remove QuickBooks Error Code 1016

Once you go through the below-noted solutions then it is sure that the error is annihilated. But the only suggestion is to go through the steps in the given sequence and follow the steps appropriately.

Solution 1: Allow the TLS 1.2 Protocol to resolve this error

  • Initially, open the regularly used Internet Explorer browser
  • Ensure that you’re using the latest version QuickBooks
  • Next, go to Gear icon that you find at the top-right of a particular page
  • Now select the β€œInternet options” and hit on the β€œAdvanced” tab
  • Once the advanced tab will open then hit the β€œSecurity” option
  • There are two available options include TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.2
    • First uncheck the checkbox named β€œUSE TLS 1.0”
    • Then make sure that tick-mark the checkbox named “USE TLS 1.2
  • Now hit the “Ok” tab after clicking the “Apply” button to save all the changes made
  • In order to open the Task Manager, you need to press altogether “CTRL + ALT + DEL” keys entirely from the keyboard
  • Select the “Processes” tab, and click on it as well as close all the background running processes
  • At last, try to open QuickBooks and use online banking features once again to verify whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Try to run the account Setup with Ctrl key

  • The very first, take a backup of your QuickBooks company file
  • Next, verify the Inactive bank account just by navigating to the company file and then open β€œChart of Accounts”
  • Now check the checkbox of option named β€œInactive”
  • Once you have inactive is done then you need to select the appropriate bank account by right-clicking on the same
  • And then select the “Edit” feature
  • Now click on the settings named “Deactivate All Online Services” that you can find in inside the Bank feed
  • , once you have deactivated then press the β€œSave” button to save the changes made
  • In the last step, hit the Close option to exit

Solution 3: Create a New Company File

  • Firstly, go to the File menu to create a new company file
  • Next, click on the β€œNew Company”
  • Now, hit the β€œExpress Start” option
  • After that try to add the bank account once the new file is created
  • Download the bank related transaction to check if the account is properly working or not.

In case, you are still facing the same error that means there are some other problems with the bank.

Solution 4: Run the Bank feed just by pressing and holding down the Ctrl key

  • Press and hold the Ctrl key when you enter the bank related all details
  • Next, go to β€œBanking” section and hit the β€œBank feed” center
  • Make sure while click on Send/Receive must press Ctrl in the bank feed section
  • Now press the Ctrl along with the β€œOk” button after entering the PIN
  • Continue holding the Ctrl key until you receive the message that the transaction has been downloaded
  • Finally, try to add the bank account and activate all of them.

Take technical support for QuickBooks errors

So, here the solutions end with the hope that it’ll help to remove QuickBooks Error 1016. In case, you still encounter the same issue then don’t pull your hair much now! Here is the top-most QuickBooks technical expert present 24*7 for your help. To get assistance with the team you only need to do is drop an email [email protected]Β along with your error details or do a live chat. You can also fill-up the form with query details and the team will get back to you in the least time frame or may take 2-3 hours.


QB Error 1016
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