How to Fix QuickBooks Error 102

Working with QuickBooks provides you a result of managing the business with complete safety and advanced tools. What if while working with a face  any error which not only wastes your time but also stops you to work. Today we are going to provide you knowledge about the QuickBooks Error 102 and its resolutions to fix the problem. It is advisable to read the complete article carefully so that you can resolve the QuickBooks Error 102 carefully.

What is QuickBooks Error 102?

QuickBooks is one of the most knowing accounting software which is among everyone’s mind. When the accounting name comes the first name which hits the mind is QuickBooks. QuickBooks can also sometimes provide some errors like QuickBooks Error 102 which is a banking error and can happen due to many technical glitches. Some of the main reasons are mentioned below.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 102

Some of the causes are below given :

  • It could happen due to inappropriate installation of the QuickBooks software in the system
  • Secondly, it can come due to when your bank website is going through any technical glitches
  • QuickBooks website is going through under construction

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 102

Below methods are useful in resolving the QuickBooks Error 102:

πŸ’  Account Updates in QuickBooks online – If there are no updates, issues or maintained in the on the bank’s website then you can go for the manually updates your account in QuickBooks online by following the below steps :

πŸ’  First, click the update button available on the right-hand side corner
πŸ’  Search for the “automatic and manual “updates
πŸ’  Now run three manual updates during non-peak hours

Total Time: 35 minutes

Automatic UpdatesΒ 

Automatic Updates to your “Online Banking Account ” usually starts at 3 AM pacific times. If QuickBooks server is not able to obtain updated information for the particular account, then it will again try itself five times in the next coming five hours. Information receives depends on the shares of the bank or financial institution with QuickBooks online.

Users can send new information on growth, daily, weekly, or any other time. Users cant switch to on “Auto Update” on or off. Also, the user doesn’t have control over the specific items which are downloaded and available will be added to the bank register.

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How to Know the Timings of Updates?

πŸ’  Go to Banking menu
πŸ’  Select Update in the right corner
πŸ’  Select the update button on the right hand side corner

Manual Updates

Some few the account needs manual updates, if your accounts also come in this category you will be notified by this int the “connection review “. The most account should work with the automatic updates. if you are unable to see today’s information, after an automatic update you might need to update the same manually. Many of the accounts need manual updates. If in this scenario you will be informed of this in “connection interview”. Usually, most of the accounts start working with the “Automatic Updates”.Β  But if you are not able to see today information after the automatic updates then you can go for the updates which are a manual update,
Just follow the below steps:

πŸ’  Select banking option
πŸ’  If updates are needed for some accounts select to clear unwanted
πŸ’  Select Update now
πŸ’  If a message comes then enter the ” multi-function authentication” and click continue to update

Manual updates are sufficient for the 90 days and new listing in that period will download. In those days if you don’t do the updates then also you will get the updated information to your account.

Accurate Account Details

Users can also login to your bank account URL provided by the bank. If the user is not able to connect with the bank you can follow the below details while adding your bank accounts download and fix transactions in QuickBooks online. QuickBooks online error 102 maybe happens because the user is not able to connect with the bank. To resolve these issues follow the below steps.

πŸ’  Go to the menu at the left corner and select a Banking option
πŸ’  If this is the first time you are linking to the bank account then go to search and look for you Bank name
πŸ’  If you are linked to bank account click “Add account” and look for the name of your bank
πŸ’  Now select the bank from the list
πŸ’  For the Bank, websites mention your User id /login id and password
πŸ’  Now select continue option to go-ahead
πŸ’  If needed perform the “added security verification steps ” and select option “connect”

Now select the bank icon in the account and connect it from the drop-down menu. You are required to select your ” credit card account or the bank type “. If you don’t have an existing account you can add it through the “Add +new ” option to create a new account.

Once it is joined to the account, QuickBooks will download the online transactions for the past 90 days and your banking and cc transactions.

πŸ’  Click on Connect
πŸ’  After finishing the download it will be automatically transferred to the baking page

Review tab will be having the transactions which were downloaded from the bank. After that, you can review, classify, and accept the transactions in QuickBooks.

But if the bank is not available on the list or if you are failed to connect, you should contact the bank or download transactions from the bank’s site and then you can upload the same to QuickBooks.

Checking the Account Information

After entering successfully, you can check the messages, notifications or warnings might be received from the bank. On reading these you will get to know what is issues causing QuickBooks error 102, later on, you can easily check your account details or summary transactions or history.

Bank action – If still QuickBooks Error 102 is not resolved now you need to wait for the bank as the bank will work on the same. Whether it can be a scenario that a technical glitch from their end, they are trying to resolve the issues with your server. Now wait for 24-48 hrs. to go-ahead

Make sure that your account is not new for the bank – QuickBooks error 102 also comes up if your account is new to the bank or the credit card. In some cases, new accounts don’t work with online banking. First, analyze the same if this is the issue and contact the credit card company or the bank for the issue

Video Tutorial Fix – Bank QBO Bank Error 102 and Error 105


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