How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12029

This QuickBooks error code 12029 is of the QuickBooks payroll service that happens when the user is trying to connect with the server but unable to connect. The reasons behind it are network time out, SSL settings, firewall configuration, and more. There may be any kind of issue that must be internal or external. So need not to worry, the solutions are also there so that you can resolve it on your own and get back to your work of payroll. You can also reach the team of QuickBooks customer helpdesk who is always here to help you out in the entire situation. You just need to fill the query form and get the solution in 3-4 hours. Implement this solution or connect with the team.

QuickBooks Error 12029

About QuickBooks Error Code 12029

If you are trying to connect your QuickBooks account to the server to perform any action but you won’t able to connect. When you are unable to connect with the server for so long because of any reason then software sends the request to the server of time-out of the session for this connection. After that, this error code takes place in your QuickBooks account.

Now after this, you tried for so many times but every time this issue encountered in your account. It happens because of network issues or some connectivity problems and many other problems. You get all the reasons listed below and also the solution that you need to follow.

Reasons Cause of QuickBooks 12029 Error

External Reasons are:-

  1. Browsers having issues of support
  2. The packets of the internet are dropped
  3. Software is blocked by the firewall from accessing the server
  4. Incorrect SSL settings
  5. Network connection request time-out in connecting with payroll.

Internal Reasons are:-

  1. The update won’t able to complete because of time out
  2. Failure of the connection between server and software
  3. Your QuickBooks is blocked from using the server.

Method of Resolving the QuickBooks Error 12029

The methods are as follows that are according to the reason. So after identifying the reason implement the solution to get it to resolve on your own.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method-1 Test the Network Connectivity and Settings

πŸ’  For this, you must have the TLS 1.2 in your system
πŸ’  So check if you have it then ok if not then download it now
πŸ’  After successful download, run it in your system
πŸ’  Internet Explorer is set to be the default for using the QuickBooks software
πŸ’  If it is not set as default then set it
πŸ’  Check that you are able to access the website without QuickBooks software.

Method 2- Configure the Settings of Browser that is Internet Explorer

πŸ’  Close all the software that are opened or running in the background
πŸ’  After that, open the browser that is Internet Explorer
πŸ’  Go to the menu of browser that is at the right side of the browser
πŸ’  Open the Internet options in the Tools
πŸ’  In the Security tab, go to the Globe icon
πŸ’  Check the security level is between the Medium to High option
πŸ’  After this, go to the connection tab and click on the option never Dial a connection if the dial-up mode is not selected
πŸ’  Otherwise, you can also click on the ISP and then click OK button
πŸ’  Click on the LAN settings to check the automatic detection settings to select it
πŸ’  If the checkbox named use the proxy server is not marked then select ok button or if marked then unmarked the checkbox and then click ok button
πŸ’  You have to restore the Advanced settings and then click on the Use TLS 1.2 from the settings
πŸ’  After clicking the button OK also ,close the browser internet explorer
πŸ’  Reboot your system to get all the settings set and try to connect again.

Method-3 Check Security Settings

For the security setting, it includes the Firewall configuration, in which you have to give permission to your QuickBooks software. So that it works properly and your work won’t interrupt in between. Also, check the parental control for the software along with the security option that is used for all the updates and other downloads.

Have questions; get connected with the QuickBooks team

All the methods are mentioned above properly to get the QuickBooks error code 12029 resolves easily. You just have to choose the method according to your reason for the problem and it’s done.

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