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Working with QuickBooks sometimes leads to errors and today we are giving the information regarding QuickBooks error 12031. Errors may lead to data loss, windows corruption and the reasons can be many. The below article covers the causes of QuickBooks error 12031 and its solutions. While following the troubleshooting steps if you face any issue feel free to contact at so that you can perform the steps under expert supervision.

What is QuickBooks Error 12031?

QuickBooks errors come when users try to update QuickBooks or updating QuickBooks payroll service. The errors come because of network time out which stops QuickBooks accessing the server. You can also face the error such as due to a firewall or due to some other security issues.

This QuickBooks error 12031 is a common error that required an instant and correct solution.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 12031

Many causes come together and cause QuickBooks Error code 12031 and it is very important to check out which one is important and creating the error. Below are the causes which guide you to look into QuickBooks error 12031.

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Network timeout – prevents QuickBooks from retrieving the server
  • antivirus, firewall, or some other internet security
  • Issues with the default browser option
  • INvalid SSL settings

Now we know the causes for the QuickBooks error 12031 its time to resolve the issues. The below method leads you to the solution of the error.

Methods to Solve the QuickBooks Error 12031

Solution 1 for QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Click on Help
  • Click Internet connections set up
  • Click on the option as ” use my computer’s internet connection settings to create a connection when the app access the internet”
  • Click Next>>press “

Update again

  • Select <strong> Help>>click Update QuickBooks and Update Now for QuickBooks 2008 and later versions
  • For 2006 and earlier versions – Choose the file and click “Update QuickBooks ‘ and select Update Now

Solution 2 for QuickBooks Error 12031

  • First click <strong> Update now </strong>
  • You will see an option as “reset update checkbox ” now select this option…>>click Get Updates option

If the program doesn’t work

  • Make sure to check the internet connection
  • Check the configure the internet security, firewall application for QuickBooks Updates
  • Open the Microsoft Windows in safe mode and then download it again

Solution 3 for QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Open menu for internet connection setup available in QuickBooks
  • Click on Internet options
  • You will get many options for internet properties
  • Click on Advanced tab from the given options
  • Make sure to match the advance setting
  • Click Apply
  • Now click ok and close the window
  • Now close the QuickBooks and open it again and try the payroll update process again

Solution 4 for QuickBooks Error 12031

  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Click Internet Explorer
  • Now click on Tools
  • Click Internet options
  • Select Security Tab>>click on Globe icon
  • Click on the Content tab and make sure that the content advisor button says
  • Need to press the button if says disable mention the password and disable the content advisor
  • Now click on connection tab and go as per the below steps
    • Select “never dial a connection option”
    • Use the dial-up node and make sure that the correct ISP is selected
    • Click OK
    • At the bottom of the tab press LAN SETTINGS button
    • “automatically detect settings” option should be marked or checked
    • check if “use a proxy server checkbox ” is cleared
    • When the checkmark is don, use proxy server, and the document the complete port and address
    • If a port is something else except port 80 then uncheck the Use a proxy and use the Proxy box for the testing purpose. You can uncheck if the port is Port 80
    • Click LAN Settings >>select OK

Choose the Advanced

  1. Click on “restore advance settings”
  2. In the settings, scroll down to search the “use TLS 1.0, use the TLS1.1 and use QuickBooks TLS 1.2 options
  3. Make sure to Use TLS 1.0 is checked and use the Use TLS 1.2 is not
  • Click OK and need to close the Internet options window
  • close internet explorer and restart the computer
  • Open the QuickBooks and try to update again and check if issues have been solved


Get back to for any help, or queries. QuickBooks team is available 24*7 to assist you with elaborating on the steps. QuickBooks experts are professional, polite, trained, and experienced in the same domain which helps to solve the issues professionally. You can do a live chat with the experts, can send emails to [email protected], and can also fill the customer contact form to get a scheduled call from QuickBooks technicians.


QB Error 12031
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