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Are you also one of them who stuck in QuickBooks error 12157 and don’t know how to get resolve that issue? If yes then below article is very useful for you.  Everyone knows that QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software which leads to a good and organized accounting for your business. QuickBooks error 12157 is one of the most known errors which arises anytime and ruin your time and work. This error code comes under the 12000 error series which happens due to web connectivity issues with Microsoft Win 32 Internet. This article covers the error description, causes, resolutions. You can also contact to get step by step help.

What is QuickBooks Error 12157?

QuickBooks Error 12157 an error of series starting with 12XXXX which usually happens when the web connectivity issues happen in the Windows operating system with Microsoft Win32 Internet or WinInetAPI. API is used by QuickBooks software to run internet services protocol easily especially FTP, HTTP, and Gopher. This error happens with either setting up updates of downloading the software. However, these are the most common error but there may be some more factors which are behind this error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 12157

Before proceeding with the methods to solve it, we need to know about the causes which arise this error. Let’s check it out:

  • System date or time is incorrect
  • QuickBooks error code 12157 may be a direct output of restrictive settings of firewall and internet security applications
  • If you installed multiple QuickBooks on the system then also it can happen
  • Internet and security apps crop up at a time of updating the QuickBooks desktop software

Methods to Solve QuickBooks Error 12157

There are many methods to solve this error by the experts and certified QuickBooks experts. Before proceeding it is always advisable that you need to update the QuickBooks 2020 software to the latest version. Below mentioned methods help you to come out of this error.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Method 1 – Reset the Computer’s Date and Time

Use the below steps and reset the computer date and time

πŸ”· First, go to the clock at the right bottom of the system screen
πŸ”· Do a right-click with the mouse
πŸ”· Now select Adjust date/time from the list of options appear
πŸ”· Select the current date and time
πŸ”· Now click on OK and close the screen ( date and time has been solved)
πŸ”· Now close the QuickBooks
πŸ”· Now reopen the QuickBooks
πŸ”· Now run the QuickBooks update again and observe whether still error is there or it has been resolved

Method 2 – Restore the Computer

πŸ”· Click on start your computer option
πŸ”· Log in as system administrator
πŸ”· Now press start to catch >>click on all applications, accessories, computer tools and then click on the system repair option
πŸ”· Now you need to open a new window >>click on reinstall my pc and then click on next
πŸ”· Now you need to click a restore point and click next, with this select advanced system to restore the point
πŸ”· On the confirmation window click Next
πŸ”· Now finally reboot the computer

Method 3 – Change the Internet Connection Settings

Changing the internet connection settings may also give you rid from the above error, you should follow the below steps:

πŸ”· Open the QuickBooks
πŸ”· Now visit the Help menu
πŸ”· Select Internet connection setup
πŸ”· Select option “use my Computer internet connection settings to make a connection when the application access the internet”
πŸ”· Now click on next
πŸ”· Open the advanced connection settings
πŸ”· visit the advanced tab
πŸ”· select the restore advanced settings option
πŸ”· click ok

Method 4 – Adding QuickBooks and its Additional Process to the Exception of the Firewall

Sometimes firewalls and internet security settings are not configured properly but you need to make sure that the ports are 80 and 443 are active.

In these cases following the list of files should have access namely:
πŸ”· QBDBMgrN.exe
πŸ”· QBGDSPlugin.exe
πŸ”· QBLaunch.exe
πŸ”· QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
πŸ”· QBW32.exe
πŸ”· QuickBooksMessaging.exe
πŸ”· AutoBackupExe.exe
πŸ”· DBManagerExe.exe
πŸ”· FileManagement.exe
πŸ”· FileMovementExe.exe
πŸ”· IntuitSyncManager.exe
πŸ”· QBCFMoniterService.exe
πŸ”· QBDBMgr.exe


Hopefully, the above steps help to come out of QuickBooks error 12157. For more help, you can visit and do a QuickBooks live chat with the QuickBooks technical experts. QuickBooks professionals are polite, trained, educated, and having massively experienced in the same domain. You can also email at [email protected] and get connected with qualified and certified QuickBooks professionals. QuickBooks helpline is available 24*7 to assist you with all the issues related to the QuickBooks.

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