How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1402

Solving QuickBooks 1402 error can be easy if you know about the causes and ways to resolve them, else you can lose your valuable data. In the below article, you will get to know about the QuickBooks Error 1402, its causes, and solutions. For step y step guidance you can also visit After reading this below-mentioned article you would be able to resolve the QuickBooks Error 1402. Below methods are mentioned in the proper way to guide you and to resolve the issue.

What is QuickBooks Error 1402? 

QuickBooks error 1402 is one of installation error which happens when there is any issues happens while installation. Any incomplete or improper installation leads to the QuickBooks error 1402. While getting this message user sees the message on the screen as “Could not open key“. A faulty download of the software leads to the error as some of the files may be missed which are very important for the installation and these issues lead to the misbehaving of software.

Causes for QuickBooks Error 1402

There can be many causes for the QuickBooks Error 1402 and some major causes are given below :

  • Incomplete or improper installation of QuickBooks
  • Window not updated to the latest version
  • Damaged CD if installing software from CD
  • Corrupted QuickBooks installation file

Methods to Solve QuickBooks Error 1402

Below are some recommended ways through which you can easily overcome this error? Let’s check them.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Solution 1 – By using the QuickBooks install tool

There is a QuickBooks install tool that is equipped to address all installation issues. To use this tool you need to install and run the same.

🔷 Download the QuickBooks install tool
🔷 Close all running program
🔷 Run the tool after this. It might take approx. 20 min as per the network and speed of the system to finish the process
🔷 Now restart the windows when the process is complete

Solution 2 – Update Windows and Install the Missing Updates

An incomplete or improper installation of the QuickBooks software can also lead to this error if the operating system is updated efficiently.

🔷 Click the windows icon from the bottom of the desktop
🔷 Now do the Window update and select option “Check for updates
🔷 Install all the pending updates
🔷 Now restart the computer after update

Solution 3 – Reinstall the QuickBooks

Sometimes improper installation of the QuickBooks can lead to error 1402. You can reinstall the QuickBooks to get rectify this error.

🔷 Go to control panel>>click it and open the same
🔷 Search for Add or remove the programs
🔷 Now search for QuickBooks and Uninstall it
🔷 Now restart the QuickBooks and Reinstall the QuickBooks

Tips to Prevent the QuickBooks Error 1402?

After solving the QuickBooks error 1402, it is very important to take the necessary steps to prevent it from coming again.

🔷 Make sure to Backup your data frequently to prevent it
🔷 Don’t input the software installation, even it is taking more time to install
🔷 If by chance you have interrupted make sure to delete all junk files deleted properly and again install the QuickBooks
🔷 Always regularly update the QuickBooks software


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