How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15311 ( Payroll Error)

This QuickBooks error 15311 belongs to the payroll and can be triggered due to many reasons like connectivity issues, virus attack, files hidden, registry is corrupted, damaged installation, not able to download or update the software, and many more. The impacts of this error are also listed here. You can easily resolve this error code that you encountered in your account. You can go with any of the solutions if you didn’t get the reason for this error. Follow the solution steps accordingly to get it resolved on your own. You can also get in touch with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team by filling up the query form where you get a reply in 3-4 hours or for instant replies connect on the 24/7 QuickBooks live chat experts.

What is QuickBooks Error 15311?

QuickBooks Error 15311 appears on the software window when it’s started. It happens because of the Payroll that is not refreshed properly. It happens at the time of starting or shutting down the Windows and also while installing the Windows that are still working great. This error applies to Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.


The error that displays the error message on your screen is “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for this inconvenience caused.”

Below, you get to know more about this QuickBooks error 15311 error like the reasons, impact, or the solution to fix it out. You have to follow the solution to get it resolved.

Impact of QuickBooks Error 15311 on your QuickBooks Account

  • The download is unable to do for the latest release of QuickBooks 2020
  • This error crashes the active Windows in your system
  • Wrong responses of inputs from the keyboard or mouse in your system
  • After updating the Tax table of payroll the error displays on the screen whenever you open it
  • The process of the update is stopped; after you got stuck in the on-going process.

List of Reasons of QuickBooks Error 15311

  • The document is corrupted of Windows Registry
  • QuickBooks installation is interrupted or not completed
  • Malware or viruses attack in your system
  • The program documents are corrupted
  • The update process fails while updating
  • Interruption of other programs also causes this issue.

Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15311

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1- Troubleshoot all the Issues of QuickBooks Desktop

💠 Firstly, check about the subscription of your QuickBooks account that must be remaining
💠 Now for the update, reset the QuickBooks software
💠 Verify that the service key of the Payroll is active and correct
💠 Then click on the My Payroll Service option, mentioned under the Employees menu
💠 After that, select the Manage Service key and then click on the Edit button or option
💠 Key is correct check it out
💠 Press the Next button and then click on the finish button
💠 In the end, reboot your system to save all the changes and get rid of this error.

Method 2- Check the QuickBooks Setting and Internet Connectivity 

💠 Check the settings of your browser that you are using
💠 You have to check the date and time of the system and then set up the default settings
💠 Now check the section of the time and also do the required modifications if needed
💠 Then check and verify the cipher that is done using the information of the bites
💠 If the cipher bites are less than the 128 bites then the browser is corrupted
💠 Go to the main Website of the QuickBooks
💠 Then click on the Alt key from keyboard to display the menu bar
💠 Click on the Files button in the menu bar and then open the Properties by clicking on it
💠 Now, you have to find the number in the properties
💠 Also, modify the settings and see the tools
💠 In tools, click on the internet option in it
💠 Go to the General tab and click on the Delete option
💠 Select the temp files and click on the delete button to remove these files
💠 In the Advanced tab, verify that the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 is selected or not
💠 If selected then uncheck the checkbox
💠 Do the same with the TLS 1.2 if selected unchecked it
💠 Now it’s done and error is resolved.

Method 3- Installation of Digital Signature Certificate

💠 First of all, in your system, open the file explorer
💠 Then enter the path- C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
💠 Now locate the QBW32.exe file
💠 Right-click on the file and then click on the further option Properties
💠 After that, click on the digital signature and then in the list check and verify that intuit is selected
💠 Click on the Details option then in new window click on the View Certificate
💠 A certificate window opens up and here you have to click on the option Install certificate to get it
💠 After this, click on the button next and wait until it’s completed
💠 In the end, check for the error by running your QuickBooks account.

Method 4: Verify your Payroll Service

In this, you have to check that your payroll is running or not. The update of the QuickBooks software got corrupted or damaged due to some reasons that lead you to an inactive subscription of the payroll. In this case, you have to activate it again as you have all the details that are required to activate the payroll service.

Wrapping up

So, above you get all the important information related to how to fix QuickBooks error 15311. You have to choose the solution according to the reason and if the reason is not known then process with any of the solutions. If the solution won’t help you then choose another solution.

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