Fix QuickBooks Error 1601

Searching solution for QuickBooks error 1601? Getting error is not a new thing,  every situation has two faces and with the advantages, there are some errors. QuickBooks is full of features, tools, advanced information security but also has some errors. Today we are going to talk about the QuickBooks error code 1601, causes, and solutions are described below to help the users so that they can solve the errors quickly without wasting time. Still, if any user found some doubts or needs any help please get back to the

What is QuickBooks Error 1601?

This error happens when the installation of QuickBooks is not updating and this error comes while working on this software. Every user should know about the general things so that they can troubleshoot the things.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 1601

First, you should know the causes of the QuickBooks error 1601 coming, after then only you can try to remove the error. Below are the major causes of the error:

  • This error can happen when the downloaded file is faulty
  • It can be caused when the Microsoft installer gets corrupted
  • When the windows get infected with any attack to associate the software package
  • When the files are bolted
  • Program area infected with the QuickBooks error 1601 as well

Steps for Fix the QuickBooks Error 1601

To solve this error you can go to the below solutions which are helpful to everyone. Let’s check out the solutions.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1 – Check the Window Service Status

💠 Go to start button >>click on search window and enter “MSC
💠 Select services (local) >>right click on “WINDOWS INSTALLER” and properties
💠 Go to properties section in startup type>>check if the options are DISABLED, if yes select the MANUAL option
💠 Click on SERVICE STATUS and set it to START to enable windows
💠 Now if the error caused by windows installer then it will work for you, if not go to below solutions

Solution 2 – Unregister Program and Restart the System

💠 Click on the start button in the windows and mention CMD in search option to get the command prompt
💠 Type “msiexec/unregister” and press enter>>close the command prompt window
💠 This step needs to log out and restart the system. Now user need to install the program which causes the window installer service error

Solution 3 – Use Command Prompt

💠 Go to start >>press window +R
💠 Type “exe/unreg” and click on OK in command prompt
💠 Click and select Ok to confirm when a pop-up box dialog message asks for the confirmation
💠 Click on start again >>press Window+R
💠 Now type” exe/regserver” in command prompt and click OK
💠 Click ok again when the confirmation message appears>>now check if the QuickBooks error 1601 still comes or not while installing the software installation

Solution 4 – Run QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

💠 Now the last solution is to install the diagnostic tool as it can resolve the issues caused by various third parties
💠 Start the computer and sign in as Administrator
💠 Open the browser and search for QUICKBOOKS INSTALL DIAGNOSTIC TOOL
💠 Click on install diagnostic tool downloadable link and save it in a local folder
💠 Now close the background application and double click on QBInstall _Tool_v2.exe files >>press the run option
💠 Above step run the complete scan on the computer and repair all the issues

Seeking Assistance?

For any assistance get back to the QuickBooks helpdesk at QuickBooks team is available 24*7 to assist you with all the latest and possible resolutions. You can also fill the customer contact form on the to get a scheduled call back from the technician. You can also do a live chat with the experienced, professional, quick responsive team or send an email to to get quick help.

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