How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3140

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is considered as one of the most widely used accounting applications that has marked its unique presence in the accounting field. It simplifies users managing finance activity by offering exciting features and various tools for swift and easy accounting. However, being the best accounting solution at times, it happens when it also encounters several errors that can hinder your workflow. QuickBooks error 3140 is one of them and it is the installation error that occurs while accessing the same program. In this article, we’ll guide you everything about this error including causes, signs & symptoms, and complete troubleshooting methods to fix this error. For more inquiries, you can easily connect with the team at via email or 24 *7 live chat.

QuickBooks Error 3140: Insights Into it

It is mainly an installation error and it usually pops up when there is any problem with data synchronization, when QuickBooks download process has compromised itself, due to infected files or the most common reason is the malware attack. This technical sort of error also arrives when there is an incorrect data input or problem with the programming coding itself. You may also experience this error when there is a blunder in the registry, a document division, a decrease of RAM, repetitive program establishments, and other related equipment.    

Sources of the QuickBooks Error 3140

However, this QuickBooks error 3140 can occur at any time, there are certain cases where this type of error often occurs. Let us take a look at some of the factors:

  • One of the key factors is QuickBooks installation corruption or insufficient software installation
  • Another possible cause is a corrupt download of QuickBooks which can lead to this sort of error.
  • These errors may also result in some kind of virus-infected in the system.
  • In case of unknowingly deleting the QuickBooks Company file.
  • Due to recent updates, if there is some kind of corruption in the Windows registry.

Indications of QuickBooks Error 3140

Here is a list of the error signs and symptoms. This includes:

  • The window of the dynamic system crashes at the computer with the error message.
  • Additionally, if the user receives an error message when running the specific program.
  • When the error encountered then the system starts freezing for some time
  • If the windows are running slowly when you’re giving input from the mouse or console
  • An error message appears on your screen after encountering the error.

Methods for fix QuickBooks Error 3140

We’ve explored enough about the error now it’s time to unleash the methods to fix this error. Most users find it difficult to resolve this QuickBooks runtime error. Accordingly, given their requirements, we have noted the troubleshooting approaches that would help users fix this error on their own and you can easily solve it with the following troubleshooting methods.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Method 1: Install the Latest Updates

🔷 Initially, press the Windows Start button
🔷 Next, type “Update” in the search box and then hit “Enter
🔷 Now, a windows dialogue box pops up on your screen
🔷 Finally, hit the “Install Updates” options if any available.

Method 2: Update System Drivers 

🔷 Firstly, go to settings option and then choose the option named “update and security”.
🔷 Moving forward, select the Windows Update and then hit the “check for updates”.

After performing the above steps then a new driver must download and install itself into the device. In case, users are still not able to resolve the error even after following the above approach and find it is not effective then please turn to the next method.

Method 3: Creating a Backup of QuickBooks Related Registry Entry

🔷 The very first step, press the Windows Start button and then type “Command option” in the open search box
🔷 Make sure that you don’t press “Enter” key after typing the command
🔷 Next, press “Ctrl + Shift” key together from your keyboard and then press the “Enter” key
🔷 Moving ahead, select the “Yes” button to permit the dialog box
🔷 After that, a black box with a blinking cursor appears on your screen
🔷 And then type “Regedit” along with press Enter key
🔷 Now, select the key that is used to create the backup
🔷 Go to the File menu and select “Export” option
🔷 From the list of save-in, choose the folder to save the created backup
🔷 Type the name of the backup file
🔷 Also, make sure that you’ve selected the “branch” option within the export range box
🔷 Along with that, click on the “Save” button with an extension .reg file
🔷 The last step is to have a “backup of the registry entry

Method 4: Clean Junk Files of your System

🔷 Firstly, click on the Windows Start button from your keyboard
🔷 Type “cmd” in the appear search box
🔷 Now, press “Ctrl + Shift” together from the keyboard and then press “Enter” key
🔷 A dialogue box pops up on the screen and you have to hit the “Yes” button
🔷 Next, a black window opens and you need to type “cleanmgr” and then “Enter” key
🔷 Once the process is done then a disk cleanup check-box appears
🔷 In the end, check the box if you would like to do a Windows cleans.


Users usually get panic when they come across QuickBooks Error 3140 because once it appears on your screen and does not allow you to perform any operation. We recommend that you increase your system speed as this may help you get rid of such a runtime error.

In this post, you can check out all the possible solutions to fix this error. In case, even after following the above-described steps won’t solve the issue then get connected with the QuickBooks support team by dropping an email at or do a QuickBooks live chat support that is available all round the clock.

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