How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6147

While working with QuickBooks multiple things can happen such as error, window corruption, freezing of software, the unexpected message of error, etc. These issues can happen at any time and which leads to a waste of time. Today below article covers one of the common errors which is QuickBooks Error 6147, below information contains causes about this error and solutions. Still, it is always advisable that if you have any issue while performing the below steps you can visit for step by step guidance.

What is QuickBooks Error 6147

Just like other software errors QuickBooks Error 6147 is also one of the common errors which are a series of the QuickBooks Error 6000. It happens due to many causes, below are the causes mentioned due to which QuickBooks Error 6147 happens.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6147

Below are the causes which lead to the QuickBooks error 6147

  • .ND or .TLG extensions might be damaged or corrupted
  • QBW file
  • Restoring a backup file from an external drive or a network drive
  • QuickBooks company file’s folder wrong permission
  • QuickBooks company file is opened by a mapped drive that can be already deleted or the path no longer exists

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6147

Through the below symptoms you can determine that it is the QuickBooks error 6147

  1. You are not able to restore a backup
  2. Getting error QuickBooks Error code 6147 0, you can get into your company file

Solutions to Solve QuickBooks Error 6147

Below are some common methods through which you can easily troubleshoot the error.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Solution 1 – Through Downloading and Installing QuickBooks File Doctor

In this step, you need to download and install the QuickBooks file Doctor to implement this solution. Now run this tool to implement this tool.

Solution 2 – Creating the Backup File at a Different Location

πŸ”· Make sure that the hosting of the system is not done
πŸ”· In QuickBooks so, click on the file menu >>select utilities
πŸ”· Now see if the inclusion of stop hosting multi-user option is there in the list, then you must go with the following
πŸ”· Quit the hosting multi-user access
πŸ”· Now the window will come to click yes on that, now a next window will be there
πŸ”· Click on yes option with company file closed
πŸ”· Now restore with the backup file present on the system

Solution 3 – Trend Micro Active Scans Settings

In this solution Trend, Micro scan settings are needed to be configured. You need to set the folders which have the company file

πŸ”· Search your company file location
πŸ”· Click on Ctrl and then do double click on QuickBooks followed by opening it without interrupting the company file
πŸ”· Now file list will be open which shows the location of the file
πŸ”· You need to open the trend Micro active scan’s settings. You need to carefully select the folder and add to the exception

Solution 4 – Repairing the .ND and .TLG file

πŸ”· .ND and .TLG file is the configuration files of the QuickBooks which allows company file to run in a network or multi-user mode
πŸ”· To rename follow below steps:
πŸ”· Open the QuickBooks company file’s folder
πŸ”· .ND and .TLG file
πŸ”· Now do a right-click on these files and rename it to .ND and .TLG old

Solution 5 – Rename the ADR file as QuickBooks Working File

πŸ”· Renaming .ADR file can lead you to solve the QuickBooks error 6147, to do the same follow below steps
πŸ”· Open the QuickBooks company file folder
πŸ”· Now locate the QuickBooks. ADR folder
πŸ”· Now open it and search for recently ADR file
πŸ”· Do right click on that file and rename it to .qbw

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