How to Fix QuickBooks Error 7149

Today small and medium-sized businesses are growing very fast with the help of QuickBooks. nowadays QuickBooks is very demanding accounting software that not only helps to manage the account but also keeps you update regarding the recent updates launched by QuickBooks,  by giving the latest features, tools, and a fast and trusted working atmosphere. However, sometimes some errors reduce your working speed by creating the error. Today below article explain to you the error 7149, its causes, and solutions. You can easily try to remove this error with the help of solutions.  It is always recommendable to contact for any help.

What is QuickBooks Error 7149?

QuickBooks error 7149 that happens while runtime because of some corrupt files or any registry errors. When anyone tries to open the QuickBooks, system crashes and error messages come as “Error 7149:QuickBooks encountered a problem and required to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

If any user tries to close and again reopen the QuickBooks, the computer repeats the process itself again and again and it can also freeze for some seconds.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 7149

If you talked about the causes of the errors it can be numerous but some of them are below mentioned which are the most common causes of QuickBooks Error 7149

  1. System errors – Every system has its specific errors which are local errors which may cause the QuickBooks 7149 error. It can be solved only by a professional
  2. Some program – Some programs like antivirus software may interfere with the working procedure of QuickBooks
  3. Virus – Sometimes viruses are also the reasons of  QuickBooks 7149 error
  4. Corruption in Windows file Registry keys – Corruption in Windows registry keys because of some recent installation or some changes in QuickBooks
  5. Improper or incomplete installation of QuickBooks – It prevents your computer from copying the complete program files to run QuickBooks and the result is QuickBooks cannot run properly

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 7149

Once you know the QuickBooks causes its time to know the solutions to the QuickBooks error 7149 and therefore below solutions are available for your help

Total Time: 35 minutes

Reinstall QuickBooks or Repair QuickBooks

💠 Below is steps that help you to resolve the error.
💠 Go to Control panel and open it>>click on Add or remove programs. You can also check the same in Start Menu
💠 Locate the QuickBooks and click on it
💠 Click on repair and do as per the instructions showing on the screen
💠 Now restart the computer and open the QuickBooks
💠 If it doesn’t work well then its means you uninstall the QuickBooks completely and install it again

Correct the Registry Keys for QuickBooks

It can be risky if you are not a computer professional.  Hence it is advisable to download the registry cleaner software.

Removing Malware

Now in this step scan your computer using the antivirus program or any window security essentials. If any virus is showed then remove it and after then restart the computer. Now try to run the QuickBooks.

Disable the Antivirus for Some Time

To Disable the antivirus look its icon in taskbar >>right click on it >>and disable it. After that, you can also try to reboot the computer in safe mode and then try to open the QuickBooks.

Get in touch

If the above steps do not help you it you can feel free to contact . QuickBooks helpdesk is available 24*7 to assist you with the latest and trustful solutions. All the QuickBooks experts are professional, polite, and are already updated with the relevant and latest information. You can also do a live chat or email at and soon one of the QuickBooks experts get back to you soon.

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