How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12002


Prevention is better then cure,  this line fits in some situations such as when QuickBooks errors come and if you know the solution you can not only troubleshoot it but also you can try to prevent your computer from the error. Resolving the error of QuickBooks is not an easy job, some users know about technical things but some users do not for that Helpdesk is available. Today below information covers the information about the QuickBooks error 12202, causes, and resolutions. Through following the below steps you can easily troubleshoot the QuickBooks 12002 error. You can also contact to get the solutions through the QuickBooks Helpdesk. Generally, QuickBooks is the best way to manage to account but sometimes an error comes and slows down your speed and work. It is always advisable to get in touch with the experts if you have any doubts.

What is QuickBooks Error 12202

QuickBooks Error 12202 occurs when QuickBooks is not able to use the computer’s internet connection, it can be due to anything network timeout, slow internet connection, etc. Below error codes can occur while these issues

  • QuickBooks Error 12002
  • QuickBooks Error 12009
  • QuickBooks Error 12007

Reasons for the QuickBooks Error 12002

Now the next step comes is to know the causes of these errors, let’s see the causes

  • Incorrect SSL settings can take you to “QuickBooks Error code 12002”
  • Internet security or firewall settings are hampering the connection
  • Due to timeout QuickBooks cant access the internet
  • You are not using the Internet Explorer as the default browser
  • It can also happen due to poor internet connection

Solutions to Solve the QuickBooks Error Code 12002

Total Time: 35 minutes

MethodΒ 1 – Check the Network Settings

πŸ’  Close QuickBooks and open Internet explorer
πŸ’  Select tools >>Internet options
πŸ’  Select the security tabs and make sure that security settings set to Medium-high
πŸ’  Now click on Globe icon and select content tab
πŸ’  Now make sure that the content advisor button is enabled
πŸ’  Click on the Connections tab and follow steps mentioned below
πŸ’  Select Never Dial a connection
πŸ’  Select the right ISP and click ok
πŸ’  Now select the LAN settings option
πŸ’  Enable the automatically detect settings box
πŸ’  Disable the use a proxy server checked is disable
πŸ’  if you see port 80, unchecked the box
πŸ’  Click ok

Now Select the Advanced Tab

πŸ’  Click on Restore Advanced Settings option
πŸ’  Search use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 and use TLS 1.2 options
πŸ’  Make sure that you use TLS 1.0 is checked and rest all are unchecked
πŸ’  Close the internet options and select ok
πŸ’  Close the Internet explorer then restart your PC
πŸ’  Open the QuickBooks and try to update the same

Method 2 – Setup Internet Connection

πŸ’  Select Help>>Click on Internet connection setup
πŸ’  Now select the option “use my computer internet connection settings to build the connection when this application access the internet”
πŸ’  Do the update again
πŸ’  For QuickBooks 2008 and newer versions: choose Help>>click on update QuickBooks
πŸ’  For QuickBooks 2006 and previous versions: choose File >>click on Update QuickBooks

Method 3 – Set to Utilize the PC Internet Connection

πŸ’  Open the QuickBooks, go to Help>>and check the internet connection setup
πŸ’  Click on the same (internet connection set up)
πŸ’  Now check if the connection is set to utilize the PC internet connection
πŸ’  Click on Next and Done
πŸ’  Update again and check if the issues if fixed

Method 4Β – Restore Advanced Settings Option

πŸ’  Click on update now tab
πŸ’  Choose the Reset Update box
πŸ’  Now click on Get updates options and if it fails to go as per the below steps
πŸ’  Click on Restore Advanced Settings option
πŸ’  Search use TLS 1.0, Use TLS1.1, and use TLS 1.2 option
πŸ’  Don’t forget to use TLS 1.0 and it is checked and rest are unchecked


For any assistance feel free to get back to and get help with QuickBooks Helpdesk. QuickBooks assistance team is available 24*7 to help you with all the possible solutions and the latest resolutions and information. Simply get in touch with the QuickBooks team and get all your QuickBooks solutions in one place. You can also email at [email protected] or fill the customer contact form to get a call from the QuickBooks technician.

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