How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15222

QuickBooks comes up always with the latest and advanced technology tools to manage the company files and valuable data. QuickBooks error comes without intimating the users and one of the errors is QuickBooks Error 15222. Below article” How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15222″ contains all information about the QuickBooks Payroll error 15222, its causes, and resolution. You can also contact for quick guidance step by step. QuickBooks experts are always available with the Geek knowledge to assist you with all the possible resolutions. Let’s start the article.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 15222?

QuickBooks Error Code 15222

While working with the QuickBooks if you receive the QuickBooks Error 15222 it may be very irritating, usually, it comes in the middle of the downloading a payroll or QuickBooks desktop update. It enables you to access your company file and open the desktop program again, however, the error in the update causes issues in the work while working with the QuickBooks programs. Fixing the QuickBooks Error 15222 is quite easy so that you can return to your work without fearing the further problems that happen created by not updating the payroll. Sometimes payroll update is also very very difficult for the accountants who depend on it for automatically calculating the employee salaries.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 15222

Usually, there are 3 reasons for the QuickBooks error 15222 and below those causes are updated.

  • It can due to some antivirus installed on the system such as antivirus, malware, spyware which may interrupt the update process.
  • It can happen due to internet explorer not able to register digital signature which leads to failure of updation.
  • Those users who don’t set the Internet Explorer as default internet browser may arise this issue

The above causes are solved by the below solutions and help many users to come back to the original working conditions. However, users need to make sure to download the latest payroll tax table update after every solution to check whether the error is resolved or not.

Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15222

Total Time: 35 minutes

Download the Latest Payroll Tax Table Updates in QuickBooks

💠 Open the QuickBooks >> click on the “Employees
💠 Now select the “Get Payroll Updates “option under the menu “Employees
💠 Select the checkbox “Download Entire Update
💠 Select the option “Download the latest update
💠 After downloading and installing the update, restart the system and check if you can work with QuickBooks company profile without any issue

Adding QuickBooks to the Exceptions List of the Antivirus, Anti-Spyware and Antimalware Software Programs

If on the system a user is using the antivirus or other software which may interrupt the update process. To solve this you need to do is add these software programs as an exception so that they don’t recognize the software as QuickBooks as a threat or virus.

Each software has a different set of procedures to add the same adding int the exceptions. You can check the same on the official website for help. The below files should be added to the exceptions.

💠 exe and qbupdate.exe processes
💠 com,, and domains

After adding the same you need to download the latest payroll tax table as mentioned above and check if the error comes or not.

Install a Digital Signature Certificate in QuickBooks

Your QuickBooks updates fail without a digital signature certificate. To do that follow the below steps.
💠 Quit all the QuickBooks programs on the computer. Proceeding ahead without closing the QuickBooks program cant enable you to see the digital signature certificate.
💠 Open Window explorer, it can be opened in two ways either click on the folder icon on the taskbar or click on My Computer icon at desktop
💠 Search for QBW32.exe through search option in windows explorer. Get the file in below location C:\Programs Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
💠 Do a right-click on QBW32.exe >> click on Properties
💠 You will see a properties window of the QuickBooks. Select the “Digital signature “tab
💠 Make sure to select “Intuit, Inc” in the signature list
💠 Click on details and it will lead to a new window
💠 Now click on View certificate
💠 When the certificate window comes up, click on “Install certificate”
💠 Follow the instructions on the screen and click on “Finish ” once installation completes
💠 Now restart the computer and see if the changes have been installed
💠 Open the QuickBooks and download the update again
💠 Check if the error is solved or not

Make the Internet as Default Browser

QuickBooks uses internet explorer and you should use the latest version of internet explorer to that QuickBooks runs smoothly.

Steps to Set Internet Explorer as Default Browser:

💠 Open the internet explorer
💠 Click on the settings icon
💠 Select “Internet Options “. Now a new window will be open to optimize the internet explore settings
💠 Click on the programs tab
💠 Now inside the options “Default web browser” click “Make default”
💠 Click OK to save the changes
💠 Now download the updates and check if the problem is resolved

Check System Date and Time

If the still problem is not resolved then check the system time and date. Just double click on the time shown on the system tray at the right bottom of the computer screen. Check the time if the time is correct then select the right zone and allow the time to be set automatically.

Use Quick Fix my Program and File Doctor

QuickBooks tools hub is another medium to troubleshoot the issues for you. If still you are not able to solve the issues then you can use the tools in the QuickBooks tool automatically check the damaged files and try to make some important changes to solve the issue.

QuickBooks Tool Hub Quick Fix my Program

💠 Download the QuickBooks Tools hub. Make sure to download location is easily accessible. Some of the users download files directly to the desktop or the download folder
💠 Start the installation by doing the double click on the file. Follow on-screen instructions and completes the installation of the QuickBooks tool hub. A shortcut icon is created on the desktop. If it does not comes, use window search to search and open QuickBooks Tool’s hub.
💠 QuickBooks tool hub will open in a new window on the computer. Now select the tab says ” Programs Problems
💠 Now coming screen show you the details on how to fix the QuickBooks program. Click on “Quick Fix my Program“. The tool will start running the background to check the problem files and repair and damaged files. 💠 Once the tool fix all the issues, open the QuickBooks and download the latest payroll tax table and check if the error is solved or not

💠 If still error shows go to QuickBooks Tool hub and click on tab says “Company file issues and click on “Run QuickBooks files Doctor“. It scans QuickBooks and third-party programs used by the QuickBooks to check issues and damaged files. Once the scan is done, close the tool hub and reopen the QuickBooks. Now check if payroll update downloads without any errors.

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