How to fix QuickBooks Error 6154


Are you trying to open some specific files or folders in QuickBooks Desktop and got this error displayed on your screen? Or Are you stuck with the company file that is not opening in your account? Then here is the solution for you to fix this issue. Sometimes users encountered this error when they try to open the file or folder specifically. Don’t worry about it as this can be resolve by following the solution mentioned. You have to implement the solution one by another to resolve it on your own. You can also directly connect with the team by submitting your query through the query form and the team will respond to you within 3-4 hours.

About QuickBooks Error 6154

The QuickBooks Error 6154 happens in QuickBooks when you cannot open the QuickBooks Company File or the QuickBooks software is not able to open the specific file or folder that you want to open.

This causes you the interruption while doing the work so you have to take some action against this error. Identify the correct reason behind this then prepare for the solution and implement it. QuickBooks is one of the top-most used account software. But you can face the issues and problems everywhere the main thing is the support that you get from the QuickBooks team 365 days a year. This way the errors and queries seem to be small even when it is not. The team is here with you all the time whenever required so just go with it.

Cause the QuickBooks Error 6154

  • The company file or folder is corrupted or damaged
  • The application is not running as the administrator
  • The Path of the folder or file is not correct
  • The file is not in the location or missing
  • You are not logged in to your system as the admin.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6154

There are various solutions that are used to fix this error in your QuickBooks desktop. But you must know the reason before implementing the solution. You can also check with the solutions for all the settings to identify the problem and then apply the solution to it. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Configure Sync Manager

  1. First of all, log in to your system as an admin that have all the admin rights
  2. Move all the company files to another location
  3. Then do reset the Sync Manager
  4. When you are done with the Sync Manager then copy the files from the previous location
  5. Find the new location and Make a new folder in it
  6. In this new folder, paste the files in it
  7. Check that all the files are moved to a new location successfully
  8. Now reset the Sync Manager
    1. Open the QuickBooks account
    2. Then click on the Help menu
    3. Further, choose the Manager Data Sync
    4. Now click on the tab Reset the Sync Manager
    5. Log in to it again using the Credentials (ID and Password)
    6. After login, do enable the Sync Manager
    7. Make sure that you do complete the Sync successfully.
  9. Now it is done and you can try to open the file in your account.

Solution 2- Synchronize the folder of file with QuickBooks

  1. Log in to your system as an Administrator
  2. Then go to the C:\ drive
  3. Locate and click on the option Sync now
  4. Now all the folders and files are sync
  5. Check for your files and folders check the path for matching it in the QuickBooks
  6. Now run the QuickBooks as an administrator
  7. Try to open the folder or file now.

Solution 3- Troubleshooting steps

  1. Firstly, close all the applications that are running
  2. Then reboot your system
  3. After this, when you log in to your system make sure that you log in as the admin
  4. Open the QuickBooks software and try to open that specific file or folder.

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With the above solution, you get to know that it is not difficult to resolve the issue. This is the best solution for how to fix QuickBooks error 6154.

The team is here all around the clock to help you out whenever required. The members of the team are experienced so they better provide you the solution and answers to all your queries and problems. They are glad to help you out by giving you the best assistance via email [email protected] or 24/7 live chat. All types of glitches can be resolved easily with your trust and patience towards the QuickBooks helpdesk team. You can also send your query via query form with that you get the response within 4 hours by the expert team.


QB Error 6154
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