How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code Skipped-111

QuickBooks gives you a secure way to manage the business in a streamlined way with the latest tools and services. Like other software, you can also face the errors in QuickBooks. Today the below topic helps you to resolve the QuickBooks Error code skipped – 111. You can learn the causes and the method to resolve the issue. This is also a common error which you can solve easily without wasting too much time. Let’s start the article including the causes and resolutions of the QuickBooks Error Code Skipped – 111.


What is QuickBooks Error Code Skipped-111?

In QuickBooks, it is one of the common error which creates the problems for many users. It mostly comes again and again in the rebuilt data section of the software. This error collects the data and again builds into to data section and new data utility.

With this error, you may face the error message such as “Recover data file” or “your QuickBooks is not working “. This issue requires immediate attention as it is one of the very crucial errors.

Causes of QuickBooks Error skipped -111

QuickBooks Error skipped – 111 mostly happens in the application system due to file damage. This file should be either restoration or by replacing the same with the backup copy which is saved earlier.

Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error Code Skipped – 111

For the resolutions below steps are needed to follow by the user and the QuickBooks Error code skipped  111 would be resolved.

The QuickBooks data recovery feature is a highly effective solution and QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature is new and it is included in QuickBooks 2011 R6 and QuickBooks 2010 R12 but only in the version pro and premier.

  • The auto data recovery feature will run a few internal diagnostics on the file and new tests. If the file properly opens then it has passed the test. It will consider it an error-free file and a backup will be created in the auto-recovery data folder
  • Now transaction log program of ADR will start invoicing all the transaction which were added in QuickBooks file
  • After the recovery procedure finished, QuickBooks can create its copy of itself. However, if the application remains open then back up will not be initiated.
  • Because of this at the end of the result, there will be two backup files one which was created 12 hrs. ago and other was created 24 hrs. ago
  • Now the old file will be deleted automatically from the system

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