How to Fix QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

When the question comes about the software which manages the accounting and should be reliable QuickBooks is the topmost. It provides the latest information, tools, data security, and best assistance to the users. QuickBooks sort out the complex things in a good and gentle manner and that’s why it is one of the most demanding accounting software. QuickBooks also comes up some time with some error that needs your attention to sort out that specific issue or error. Today below article is based on the QuickBooks Event Log error 4, its causes, and resolutions. Still, if you have any doubts you can visit and connect yourself to the experts.

What is QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

When QuickBooks or integration manager tries to connect after launching a pop may appear stating that it could not be connected and it may also come when any user wants to open the same. It is one of the complex error which can arise due to many reasons and today below information help you to understand the same and its solutions.

Causes of the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

One of the main causes of the above error is issues of .NET Framework 4.0  SP1 in the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system. Some other causes are also mentioned below :

  • Windows registry error
  • QuickBooks files erased by the program
  • QuickBooks not installed properly
  • A computer is infected by the virus or malware
  • Damaged QuickBooks files

Symptoms of the QuickBooks event log error 4

You can easily find out the error by checking the below symptoms:

  • QuickBooks event id 4 error message comes on the screen
  • QuickBooks freeze or crashes
  • QuickBooks works slowly
  • Window crashes

Solutions to fix the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

Below steps are given which helps you to get rid of the event log error 4:

Uninstalled Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

▶ Log in to your computer as the administrator
▶ Press Windows +R key and open the RUN window
▶ Now type Control
▶ Click ok>>control panel will be opened
▶ Now next step is to open the Program and Features window or Add/Remove Programs Window(You can also open the program and features window or Add/remove window directly, simply just type appwiz.cpl I the run window and click enter)
▶ Now get the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
▶ Click once on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
▶ Now select the option to uninstall for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Restart the computer once Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 has been uninstalled
▶ Press Window +R keys and the open Run window
▶ Type the Control in the run box
▶ Hit enter and you will see control panel opening
▶ Now go to program and features or Add /Remove programs and open it
▶ Search the features Add/Remove program feature
▶ Click on the Add/Remove program feature
▶ Now to get the Microsoft .NET 3.5 visible explore the .NET framework in that window feature
▶ Now click on the checkbox in front of first and second options
▶ to install .NET Framework 3.5 click on ok button
▶ Once the installation is completed, click on the finish button
▶ Now the last step is to restart your computer

What to do if Still QuickBooks Event Log Error 4 not Resolved

▶ Still, if by chance above error do not solve try to follow the below steps:
▶ Update your QuickBooks to the latest release by Intuit
▶ Download the QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool
▶ Run the QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool but make sure to close all the programs before running it
▶ Restart your PC
▶ Now check if still the error comes
▶ If still, it is coming, then reinstall the QuickBooks software using the clean install and backup your company file before fresh installation

How to get assistance?

To get assistance visit and do a live chat with the QuickBooks Professionals. is a one-stop solution for all your needs for QuickBooks. QuickBooks professionals are polite, expert, trained, and experienced in the same field which makes them more expert to tackle all the issues and errors timely. You can also email at or fill the customer contact form and soon one of the 24*7 QuickBooks support experts get back to you.

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