How to Fix QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or not Responding


QuickBooks software gives numerous errors like other software and QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or not responding is one the problem arises due to varieties of specialized causes. Many users have identified this issue on their PC and that can be caused to some extent by its framework. However, there are various causes behind this error that is listed below along with possible symptoms and easy troubleshooting methods. It is also recommended you keep your software updated with the latest released version. For more inquiries, connect with the team at

Causes of QuickBooks has Stopped Working or Not Responding

As we discussed earlier, there are a variety of causes behind it or simply trigger actions that cause the program not to react to any or all of the actions that you are performing. So, if you wondering what can be reasoned then here’s the list of factors that might be the cause of this problem:

  • The company file name may be too long
  • Removable device or hard drive may get corrupted or damaged
  • QuickBooks installation or program files may be damaged
  • Missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI file
  • Your Windows operating system may get damaged.

Indication of QuickBooks has Stopped Working or Not Responding

Check out the list of signs and symptoms of the error:

If you see the above following indications then make sure to resolve the error as soon as possible as your system might be at risk.

Methods to fix QuickBooks has Stopped Working or Not Responding

Here is a number of troubleshooting methods mentioned using which you are easily able to fix this problem. Let’s apply one by one if the error still continues then get connected with the professional team.

Method 1: Use System Repair tool

  • Initially, download the Repair tool
  • Next, save the downloaded file in a local folder on your desktop
  • Now, install the tool after closing all the existing open programs
  • Maximum it takes 20 mins in order to run a scan in the whole device
  • Once the Tool repairing process completes then restarts your system.

Method 2: Access the file from a new folder location

  • The very first, press Windows + E keys together from your console
  • Now, a new window open then look for a data file with an extension name .qbw
  • Next, right-click on the finding file and select “Copy
  • After that, create a new folder in your C: Drive
  • Type a name for the folder as QBTEST
  • Once you’re done with that then open the created folder and paste the copied file
  • Launch QuickBooks by pressing Ctrl key
  • And then go to Restore an existing company or select Open
  • Finally, open the created QBTEST folder and verify whether QuickBooks is working or not.

Method 3: Assign a different name of QB.INI file

Renaming of the QBWUSER.INI files may help you in fixing the internal problems that arise when a user attempts to open the QuickBooks desktop. The file named EntitlementDatastore.ecml that needs to be renamed. After performing the above steps; launch your QuickBooks software and then attempt to open your test company file.

Method 4: Reboot your system and turn-off the Anti-virus program

  • Restart your system
  • If the error still continues then ensure that Antivirus is turned off
  • In case, the users are unaware of the temporary process to turn-off the Antivirus program then approach the IT department to get quick assistance.

How to get in touch with the technical team?

The above discussed is pretty easy to apply for how to Fix QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or not Responding. But, in case you face difficulty or not able to rectify the problem then feel free to get in touch with the technical team via email at sup[email protected] or do a  24*7 QuickBooks live chat.


QuickBooks Has Stopped Working
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